Chapter 1

The Story of the Bible Matters

Story’s a big deal. We live in a culture and an era where the cold, scientific minds of the enlightenment and modernity have softened to the mystical, magical, and immaterial. Though the abstract concept of science still reigns supreme in spheres where it makes sense, our cultures jettison it regularly when it becomes inconvenient. And it’s in that world that the concept of story really begins to shine.

Before we talked about balls of rock hurtling around other balls of combusting gas in the inky blackness of space, before we studied bones and muscles and blood, before we articulated acceleration due to gravity, the human race told stories. Everything had a reason, and every reason had a story. As our society picks up speed rolling down the hill toward pre-modern tribalism that thrive on stories that border on myth, being able to tell the story of the Bible becomes an ever-more potent tool.

So. What is the story of the Bible?