Christian Living

The Gospel Here and Now

What Difference Does the Gospel Make

Open Hearts, Open Homes

The Call for Christian Hospitality

Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships

Finding Peace in a Troubled World

Moving Mountains

The Practice of Persistent Prayer

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Rest & Renewal from Psalm 23

Transformed in His Image


Choosing Faith Instead of Fear

God at the Center

Habits for Spiritual Growth

God with Us

The Promise of Christmas

Being Jesus Online

Biblical Wisdom for a Wired World

Fully Human, Fully Free

How Jesus Restores the Joy of Being Human


Learning to Love Like Jesus

Windows on the World

A Comparison of Major Worldviews

Praying With Confidence

Overcoming Disappointment in Prayer

Kingdom Living Part 1

Embracing the Virtues of the King

Cultivating a Heart of Contentment


His Anger and What It Cost Him

Living an Authentic Christian Life

The Mind of Christ

Experiencing the Joy of the Christlike Difference

Ruth and Hannah

Learning to Walk By Faith

Mary and Martha

Balancing Life's Priorities


Overcoming Life's Challenges

Eve and Rahab

Learning to Make Better Choices

David and Manasseh

Overcoming Failure

Dangerous Decisions

Learning From The Mistakes Of Lot & Achan

Discipled by Jesus

Mary Magdalene’s Walk of Faith

Paradise Lost

Rediscovering God's Design for Sexuality

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