“It is in the process of being worshiped that God communicates His presence to men.”
—C. S. Lewis

In the beginning, worshiping God characterized humanity. God created us because He wanted us, and we adored Him in wonder of who He is. When humanity rebelled against God and chose ourselves over Him, our view of God shrank and our awe of Him diminished. Lesser gods can now steal our affections, leaving us disillusioned and empty.

James Pittman brings us back to an understanding of what it means to worship. Rather than being a boring ritual or a reluctant act, true worship satisfies our deepest longings. In fact, when we truly see God for who He is, we will long to share Him with everyone.

  • You’ll learn
  • What Is Worship?
  • Why Do We Worship?
  • When Do We Worship?
  • What Can We Learn from Others?
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