Christian Living

Giving Up on Perfect

Welcome to the Family

Adopted, Accepted, and Adored

Living Free

The Strength of Weakness

Sacred Rest: Accepting God’s First Gift

A Resilient Life

Strength for Today from the Sermon on the Mount

Going the Extra Mile: Learning to Serve Like Jesus

Giving it Away

Heart, Soul, and Mind

Raising Kids to Know and Love God

Humble Hearts, Open Hands

What Is Worship?

Living in Response to God

We Are His: Belonging to the Family of God

Living Justly, Loving Mercy

A Biblical Response to Our Broken World

An Intimate Union

Living Fully in Your Relationship with Christ

What is Real Love?

Wisdom from 1 Corinthians 13


The Thief of Joy

God Reigns

Living Out the Kingdom of God

God’s Expectations – Living Justly, Loving Mercy, Walking Humbly

Going the Distance

Practices to Strengthen Your Faith

Teach Us to Pray

The Prayer Coin

Daring to Pray with Honest Abandon

The Gospel Here and Now

What Difference Does the Gospel Make

The Cost of Witness

The Haunting of Scripture


Are You the One?

Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships

Keeping the Faith

The Cost of Following Christ

Moving Mountains

The Practice of Persistent Prayer

That Gentle Nudge

Subtle Promptings To Prayer

Thou Him Thrice

What Shakespeare and U2 Taught Me about Prayer

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Rest & Renewal from Psalm 23

Transformed in His Image

Overcoming Worry

Turning Fear into Faith

God at the Center

Habits for Spiritual Growth

God with Us

The Promise of Christmas

Being Jesus Online

Biblical Wisdom for a Wired World

Fully Human, Fully Free

How Jesus Restores the Joy of Being Human


Learning to Love Like Jesus

What’s On Your Mind?

Wounded in Worship

Worshipping God Means More than Singing

Lives of Worship

A Call to Worship

Walking Off the Grid . . .

Character Comes from the Story We Tell Ourselves

What is Our Union with Christ

Running into God

Pursuing Love

How God Loves Us

Love That Lives

All the Difference

All You Need is Love

Sabbath Compassion: Jesus and the Religious System

Outrageous Compassion

Compassion: When Jesus Asks for More than We Have

Get Up and Walk

A Child’s Compassion

Windows on the World

A Comparison of Major Worldviews

Praying With Confidence

Overcoming Disappointment in Prayer

Kingdom Living Part 1

Embracing the Virtues of the King

Cultivating a Heart of Contentment


His Anger and What It Cost Him

Living an Authentic Christian Life

The Mind of Christ

Experiencing the Joy of the Christlike Difference

Ruth and Hannah

Learning to Walk By Faith

Mary and Martha

Balancing Life's Priorities


Overcoming Life's Challenges

Finishing Well

Gracefully Living with Life's Changes

Eve and Rahab

Learning to Make Better Choices

David and Manasseh

Overcoming Failure

Dangerous Decisions

Learning From The Mistakes Of Lot & Achan

Discipled by Jesus

Mary Magdalene’s Walk of Faith

Paradise Lost

Rediscovering God's Design for Sexuality