“Broken dreams” sounds so hollow. There’s something you desperately want but can’t have. Is there purpose in your pain? Sheridan Voysey—a man who walked through the wilderness—says “yes.” He makes a comparison of the Jews’ biblical wilderness journey to the wilderness we find ourselves in when we are empty and desperately asking God, “Why?” God uses these times to teach us about ourselves and reveal Himself to us. So even when God says “no,” you can trust that He will walk with you during your darkest moments and offer His hope for your future.

Contents Include:

  1. The Wilderness of Broken Dreams
  2. Navigating the Wilderness
  3. Starting Again

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6 Reviews

  • 6/06/21

    Thank you very much for sharing your story and feelings so truthfully. I'm deeply touched. Although I've never had to go through an experience exactly like yours, I am HUGELY encouraged by your faith, despite everything. I will keep trying. Thanks again!

  • 10/07/17

    Your story reminded me of where I was wandering in the desert 8 years ago... a new widow, loss of home, business failed, and clinical breakdown. I moved to be closer to my children 500+ miles away from where I grew up... no job, no church, no friends. Over the years God has provided me with a deeper relationship with all my family, a wonderful loving church family, a job working with children. Also, He’s given me a home that’s become a women’s ministry gathering home, and a deeper relationship with my best friend Jesus. I still have struggles, because I live here on earth, but knowing my God is my provision helps me along the path He has purposed for me. Thank you so very much for sharing your story, that renews the hope in all of our hearts.