We normally think of pain and suffering as bad, and we do our best to avoid them. But since they are inevitable parts of life, maybe we should adjust our thinking. Instead of grumbling about our problems or blaming someone else, let’s look to the Bible to see how God uses our trials to draw us closer to Him. Why? Seeing God in Our Pain shows the root causes of our pain and suffering and allows us to see Him more clearly as a God who really does care.

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  • 1/02/19

    As the doctors plan to open my chest for the second time to repair my heart I realize that God has let me know He is right beside me even though it was through my personal choices in my early days that has put me here. Just as Adam made his self centered choice against God so did so many times as a young man. My body is now developing a photograph of my unhealthy lifestyle. My faith is now strong and I praise my savior Lord Jesus Christ for his saving grace. I fear not because of the message and promise God sends in Revelations 21. Thank you Daily Bread Ministeries.

  • 8/11/17

    I been reading a study of this same subject with my First 5 App. You can download in your Google store. I myself had been facing alot of trails of circumstances with life, ones I love and lost. I have found my peace through God and is word. It's learning that my understanding is not his understanding. God has a purpose and plan for all of us. We have to have faith and lift our hearts to him. I will say, I have seen him give me peace and strength, when I thought I had none. I seen him make a way, when I thought I was deep. The Lord has not forsaking me. He prevails his truth and his love. I pray all can find the comfort through God. Believe and Trust him and he will show you. I like to encourage people to keep reading the daily bread and download First 5. It will help you to understand and grow. The Blessings are you are not alone, at first 5 there is a support group of people to share their testimonies and be a light in your life. God bless..