Chapter 6

Defining Our Terms

Angel (lit. “messenger”) is a spirit being created by God to worship and serve Him.

Angel Of The Lord is the Old Testament “messenger” believed by many to be a preincarnate manifestation of Jesus Christ (see pp.26-28).

Cherubim are a high-ranking order of angels who function as guardians of the holiness of God.

Christ is the Second Person of the triune God who, as Creator of the angels, deserves and receives their worship.

Demons, Evil Angels are those angels who sinned when given the opportunity; now confirmed in evil, they hate and oppose God and His people.

Demon Possession is a phenomenon that occurs when a demon or demons take over the control of a human personality.

Devil, Satan, Lucifer is the leader of the evil angels who rebelled against God.

Gabriel is the only named holy angel in Scripture other than Michael; he brought messages from God to several key individuals.

Holy Angels are those angels who faced an opportunity to choose between good and evil, made the right choice, and now are beyond being tempted.

Michael is the only angel given the highest rank of archangel; he appears as the guardian angel of Israel.

Occultic Activity are efforts to contact the spirit world, either celestial beings or spirits of the dead.

Seraphim are an order of angels who attend the throne of God.