Chapter 4

A Few Final Things to Remember

Focus on God’s revealed will.

Rather than becoming obsessed with our “big plans,” focus on obeying God in the “little things,” things we already know we’re supposed to do. In fact, I would say that if a person is faithful in the small, everyday choices, they really can’t “miss” the will of God. They just can’t! It’s comforting to know that we can put our energy into doing what we already know in the present rather than trying to discover how God wants to map out our future. If we follow him faithfully each day, we will also be in alignment with God’s will and purposes for us.

When it comes to God’s mysterious will, strive to live wisely.

We can learn to ask important questions (like the ones above) and look for more and more of the answers to point in the same direction. Still, any one of the questions by itself can be misleading since each has a counterfeit (for example, God’s Word can be misinterpreted, we can mistake another voice for the voice of the Spirit, etc.). But as we give it time and prayer, the answers will begin to converge toward a wise decision.

You’re free to walk with God!

Forget about trying to stay balanced on a thin beam, constantly afraid of falling off and ruining your life. We don’t know the future. We can’t plan or secure a perfect life. But God is with us, and he will never leave us. He is traveling with us on this pilgrim’s path. We are free to enjoy the adventure, to abound in our relationship with the living God. You can trust him. You’re free to walk with God!


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  • 9/21/22

    I was truly blessed with a better understanding of the different "wills" of God. Thank you.

  • 9/21/22

    Excellent source for beginning to understand God's will. Thankful for thisteacging.