Chapter 6

Living in Hope and Trust

It has been many years since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. One of the most significant changes since then is the quality of the new life Christ has given me. While I still face life’s challenges, I am able to handle them with God’s help. He gives my life a richness that nothing else could ever provide. As I learn to live according to God’s Word and mature in my relationship with him, I grow ever closer to my parents and siblings, and my relationships with friends have been greatly enriched.

Ever conscious of my mission to be a witness to my family, I have also seen the promise of Acts 16:31 come true. God has brought members of my family to him in ways I could never have imagined. When my twin sister and I started going to church, our parents sent our elder sister to keep an eye on us. They had doubts about the kind of company we were keeping and feared that we could be led astray. Instead, this sister too was touched by what she witnessed and later became a Christian as well!

With God’s help, I began to understand why my parents were unhappy with my decision to follow Christ. My father was upset because he was worried for us and was concerned that this decision would disrupt harmony in the family and place our happiness and security at risk. I had to learn to see beyond my parents’ hurt and disappointment and recognize that they were motivated by love—they were simply doing what they felt was the best for us.

I had to learn to see beyond my parent' hurt and disappointment and recognize that they were motivated by love . . .

That knowledge spurred me to respond by showing them how much I appreciated their concern.

Indeed, I find that I am now able to love and honor my parents in a way I never experienced before. Having received God’s grace and mercy, I realized I had to be gracious and loving to others. After understanding my parents’ concern for me, I asked God for love and patience to help me honor them. He has helped me in my daily interactions with them, giving me the wisdom to be His witness. Years later, when I joined a Christian organization full-time, my parents didn’t object, and today I continue to enjoy a close, loving relationship with them.

Meanwhile, I continue to hope, pray, and trust in the Lord that one day, they too will come to know and worship Christ, who alone is Lord and Savior of the world.