Introduction: Iron Strong Marriage

If only Disney movies had it right. Happily ever after from the moment the prince and princess ride off into the sunset. The truth is that riding into the sunset is only the beginning. Life together starts after that. And no matter how your marriage starts, there will be ups and downs, unexpected and unwelcome surprises, good times and bad. That’s why the vows are the way they are. We just don’t always pay attention.

In Iron Strong Marriage: Five Practices for a Lasting Relationship, Regina Franklin explores what it takes to make a marriage both strong and God–honoring. Walk with her through as she uncovers and describes what Scripture and experience have taught about what it takes to build satisfaction, meaning, joy, and happiness into your marriage. Whether you’ve been married for years, are just starting out, or still waiting to say “I do,” this exploration will help you cement practices that will help your marriage be iron strong.