Introduction: Giving Up on Perfect

We’re all looking for it. A sense of satisfaction, worth, identity, acceptance. We pursue it in ways big and small, thinking that if we only do enough, or just right, we will finally find that sense of fulfillment that we have been searching for. And when we inevitably fail, we dust ourselves off and tell ourselves to try harder, that the failure is our fault. If we could only do perfect, we would be perfect. So we get up earlier, practice more, stay up later, invest ourselves in more and more activities (all of them good, of course). Only to find that we’re repeating the “try again” refrain.

Author Regina Franklin explores why the relentless pursuit of perfection won’t get us where we want to be; it’s like chasing a leaf in the wind. Instead she helps us see that when we actually find ourselves and our identity in Jesus, resting in his love, we find all that we are looking for and more. Join her as she explores giving up on perfection and giving in to Jesus.