Is Jesus God?

Jesus. Many say He was a great teacher, others claim He was a fraud. Jesus Himself said He was God. To better understand who He is and why He walked the earth, you need to turn to the Bible. Is Jesus God? The Answer Matters searches the Old and New Testament for evidence, as well as the observations of eyewitnesses and Jesus’ own affirmation to be God. Sources apart from the Bible are also examined to see what they have to say about Jesus. Take a look at the evidence to determine the trustworthiness of the Bible and ultimately the identity of Jesus.

Contents Include:

  1. Looking in the Right Place
  2. The Claims of the Bible
  3. Who Do You Say He Is?


  1. Our Daily Bread


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    1. ben baket

      God keeps giving us all that is required. We in return must give all in return. Amen

  2. Lizzy udoh

    JESUS CHRIST is the mystery of the ages. One can only know him by revelation. A carnal mind may not comprehend His Lordship. JESUS IS LORD & THE LORD HE IS GOD

  3. Sandra Maddox

    It is each person responsibility to know who he is in Christ Jesus.

  4. Nathaniel Cameron

    Yes I’m a true b3lieve4 that Jesus is God in the flesh.I’m not fully sure why or how and I don’t think no one is but I’m glad that he is who he says he is.

  5. William H.Nesbit

    Jesus. is my God.

  6. debra

    God is good to me he giving to us Amen

  7. Pallette Mason

    My belief is that God, our Father, Jesus, the Son, who was sent by The Father to do His will, but They can do the same work.

  8. Evelyn Carr

    A GA great way to spend time getting to know about our Lord and SAVIOR Jesus Christ

  9. Lillie Adams -McClaud

    The word speaks, that God is three in one. The Father, Son and The Holy Ghost. He came to earth in form of a baby who’s name Jesus. Who went to calvary for ours sins. Die and was bury for three days, rose from the grave and went back to heaven to send us the Comforter which is the Holy Spirit. No human being like you or me could had done any like that, so God word had to be manifest to show how awesome he was, is and can be. God is three in one. Hallelujah amen.

  10. Vincent talese

    I can’t say enough of how much I appreciate this God sent ministry,the daily bread has been such an amazing source of inspiration and valuable information a guiding light in my daily Walk with the lord for many years, I thank God for all of you my brothers and sisters for you sharing your God given wisdom and insight in his word,in pray God’s blessings to you all in the glorious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!!

  11. Caroline

    I finally understand and know that Jesus and God are one and the same. Knowing this makes me revere God even more for coming to life as a human man in order to help us understand His ways and His purpose and His awesome powers plus His all-encompassing love for us. We were lost and confused and had doubts and so often strayed from His word and His way so when God came to us as Jesus He reconciled us to Him, grouchy us back to Him and gave us understanding of His way of how He wants us to live and behave. Then when Jesus endured the suffering of persecution and ostracism and accepted death on the cross for doing no harm – he was executed as an innocent man – through that act and His following resurrection (which surely proves his divinity) He forgave us our sins, He forgave us for living wrongly – we were able to come home to God through accepting Him as Christ which makes the verse ‘I am the way and the truth’ undeniably true. I can never now separate Jesus from God and I think that means that by me believing in Jesus and believing He is God – I can never be separated from God. After being brought home to God by Jesus several years ago, after having lived a tumultuous life filled with much pain and wrong living, and being forgiven and reconciled to my Heavenly Father, and feeling His great love and acceptance of me – I never, ever want to be without Him in my life. He has loved me, healed me, protected me, guided, taught and disciplined me; and provided for me, answered my prayers and looked after my loved ones – He has changed my life for the better and o am growing in His strength and wisdom by His grace. My life isn’t perfect and I still have my struggles and much to learn yet I am a better person and God keeps me on the right path – a path o never want to step off again. I am poor in material terms but rich in God’s love. I am thankful every day and I’m God I have no identity crisis – and now thanks to God leading me to this website and reading the booklet about the identity of Jesus – I no longer have an identity crisis with Christ, my Lord and God. Thank you father for your teaching and enlightenment.

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