The Haunting of Scripture

The God Who Is with Us

Are You the One?

Part of the Problem

When I Realized My Words Matter

That Skill

How Words Invite Others Into Freedom

Mean Your Words

Wounded Warrior: Struggling to Pray

Feeling the Weight of Sin

Taking Sin Seriously

It’s Okay to Hate . . . the right things

Looking for God

Fully Human, Fully Free

How Jesus Restores the Joy of Being Human

A Better Way to Live

Leviticus Is the Key to Hebrews

What’s in it for me?: Hebrews and the Journey of Faith

The Race

Grace for the Grief-Avoiders

Learning to Carry Both Joy and Pain

Unknown Caller: Recognizing Jesus and the Kingdom

The Promised King: Jesus and the Kingdom of God

Broken-down Cars: Grieving with those Who Grieve

Crying for Us All

How Jesus Shares Our Grief

Heard on High

Who Will We Become?

The Point of It All

Die First, Then Comes the End

Reading Revelation

The Least of These

What Jesus Said about the Judgment

Yahweh vs. Baal: The Psalms as Apologetic

Job and the God Who Would Not be Chained

Learning to Love Scripture through Learning to Love the Questions

The Jesus I Know and Do Not Know

The (Impossible) Task of Following Jesus

Origin Story: Following Jesus Back to the Beginning

Jesus or Herod?: The Choice of the Magi

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Learning from Mr. Rogers How to Be A Neighbor

What If I Don’t Like My Neighbor?