What Does The Bible Say About Patience?

In a world that offers quick solutions and instant results, the timeless virtue of patience is all but forgotten. In this booklet, Our Daily Bread Ministries staff Dean Ohlman shares insights from Scripture to help you recognize the importance of patience as a godly attribute. Discover how you can faithfully move forward in difficult times with a good attitude—working and persevering toward a God-honoring end.

Dean Ohlman is an educator and advocate for Christian environmental ethics and has been a scriptwriter and TV producer for the Our Daily Bread Ministries’ Day of Discovery broadcast.

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  1. Lindafortin

    I have always wanted to get a publication from Discovery Series

  2. Jimmy Moore

    I would love to increase my patience. I have gotten better as I’ve aged, but there’s a lot of room for improvement.

  3. T. Davis

    Patience has always been an issue for me. God is telling me it’s time to address this issue as I face challenges daily that center around this.
    I pray that I learn the lesson God is trying to teach me.