The Greatest Story Ever Told

From Genesis to Revelation, a story unfolds that begins and ends in paradise—the greatest story ever told from the timeless pages of the Bible. With fresh perspective and imagination, Mart De Haan takes you on a journey through the Old and New Testaments to retell the story of God’s vision for mankind.

  1. Sherry Molyneux


  2. linda steely

    would like to read this book

  3. janet

    I would love the book to read to my 6 year old grandauther. thank you

  4. Trudy Peterson

    I have 2 grandchildren and 1 on the way. I just received god as my personal savior and I would love this book to start teaching my grandchildren why you should walk with and beside god each and every day.

  5. ELizabeth Quilez

    I’ve been wanting this book

  6. Ceeta Achiaa

    I will love to read this book

  7. jennifer lorenz


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