Knowing God Through Zechariah

Life on planet earth is fragile. We live every day under the threat of catastrophic environmental disasters and weapons of mass destruction.

Surprisingly, a study of a book as ancient as the Old Testament prophecy of Zechariah can give us a stabilizing perspective in these fear-filled times. Zechariah reminds us that even though there will be calamitous events in the last days, human history is not destined for accidental death and extinction. Rather, we can expect a merciful deliverance and the long-awaited kingdom of God’s promised Messiah.

The book of Zechariah was written when the people of Israel were a small nation with no means of defense against powerful neighbors. Zechariah not only reveals a God who is able to protect His people, but a God who has given us all the information we need to know His Messiah and His plan for the future.

Managing Editor: David Sper
Cover Photo: Terry Bidgood
©1998 RBC Ministries–Grand Rapids, MI 49555 Printed in USA

  1. Nancy Doherty

    Can you please make some of these printed booklets available to be mailed–our church is doing a youth (teen) ministry and studying the Old Testament Prophets…Isaiah, Jeremiah, and some others. Any booklets that are printed would be great for teaching–even just 2 or 3 for the teachers would be greatly appreciated. Your booklets are so helpful in bringing our young teens to Jesus. Thank you so very, very much!

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