Being Jesus Online

It’s easy to hide behind our online facades and interact in ways that we never would face-to-face. But Jesus wants to be the God of all areas of our lives, including how we communicate in the digital realm. By adopting His mindset, we are better able to live out online some of the qualities that are close to His heart . . . truthfulness, wisdom, gentleness, and love. Being Jesus Online: Biblical Wisdom for a Wired World offers some practical insights for digital discernment.

Contents include:

  1. What Would Jesus Tweet?
  2. The Heart of the Matter
  3. Be Truthful
  4. Be Wise
  5. Be Gentle
  6. Be Loving


Dennis Moles is a Bible teacher and writer for Our Daily Bread Ministries. He brings nearly 20 years of experience as a pastor, chaplain, and college professor to his work with Discovery Series,, and webinars.

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  1. Oluwafikayo Ajayi

    This is a nice topic. Wish to get more teachings and directions on been more like Jesus in the Digital part of life.

    1. Olufunmilayo James

      I enjoyed the topic. Nice one indeed.More on this topic please.

  2. cecile bautista

    i wish to learn more of jesus christ

    1. Anna

      Jesus is the kind Savior who will also love us when we are not loveable. We ask for forgiveness for doung and being wrong and He. ALWAYS can and will give His peace!
      Ask Him to forgive your sins and to be your Savior but remember we are not to remind ourselves ever of those sins. The one who does not want us to be friends with Jesus, the devil,wishes us to be condemned; to feel sad with self condemnation. THAT is not from Jesus! Conviction forgiveness and peace and love ARE from Jesus!
      Pray with me Cecile “Jesus, I know that I have done wrong. I do wrong (sin). Please forgive me and help me to know right from wrong;when my feelings tell me to sin.
      I love you Jesus and want to be in the family of Christians!
      In Jesus name I pray,amen.
      Now Cecile if you have a Bible read the books of John Romans Acts and Hebrews. If you do not have a Bible go to Our Daily Bread ( and look for these books.
      The Bible Gateway app on the computer is very good!
      In Him who saves us from our sinful life and teaches us how to have peace and be loving,

      1. Ren

        Thank you Anna for this wonderful passage, I too prayed with you and cecile. God bless you all, In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

      2. Cynthia

        I’m encourage by your message the devil didn’t want me to message you Anna to thank you for your words of encouragement. My first message I was getting ready to send went out so I’m sending another one just to let satin know he didn’t win. Continue in your walk with the Lord Jesus I truly enjoyed them was very encouraging to me in my with the Lord. I pray God peace continue to be with you. Blessings!

      3. Dave

        So Awesome – to feel genuine concern for the next person is a kind of love planted by the Lord and it’s our duty to water that seed an to share our God givin Love with others … to strive to be like our savior is the goal. HALLEJUHA

  3. Grace consolate

    I want to learn more and how to be jesus online

    1. Rudy F.

      Everything we need to do is in the Bible, we need to put it heart and do it! The Lord Jesus has equipped us with a Helper, the Holy Spirit if one is saved. Everything that the Lord Jesus is, resides in you/us. We are a new creation in Him.

      1. Samuel Soe Lwin


  4. Georganne Gamonal

    Could I possibly get a catalog of all of your booklets sent to me at:

    Thank you and God bless

    1. discoveryseries

      Hi, Georganne–You can order a catalog or download a PDF of the catalog here:

  5. Susan Schubert

    I will order more of this great little booklet in the near future. Well written and all applies today. Thank you.

  6. Samuel Arthur

    Really nice being digital for Jesus

  7. Francisco . sigrah

    The Way, The Truth And The Life is Jesus,If we want to have a peaceful life we have to walk in His righteous paths’

  8. samuel petto yari

    l need your prayers

    1. Bruce

      Samuel, I rarely get this far into Our Daily Bread, but for some reason I was moved to read some of the replies. Your request hit me with its simplicity and heartfelt need. I have prayed that the Lord would meet the needs of your request in miraculous ways and in ways that you would never expect. We serve a God that is all powerful and is still in the business of working miracles for his children.

    2. Patty Berge

      Samuel I don’t know what your needs are .. I am not on this site usually, but Jesus knows your needs and I asked Him to provide for you. If you need to feel the presence of God just ask Him to reveal Himself to you and help you to feel His presence. He is faithful!

  9. Marty Belcher

    I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much the reading of Our Daily Bread has changed my life over the years.

  10. God's Child

    I need to get back to jesus. I’m very grateful god doesn’t turn me away when I come back with my tail tucked between my legs saying how much I need Him in my life

    1. Carol

      He has always been there for you no matter what you have done just waiting for you to return to him.

  11. Rosalyn

    This story shows how God can use us wherever we are planted. We often look for other ways of being used by Him that we think are more suitable but never arriving. He will lead and guide us with His still small voice…just follow His call! In Jesus name. 🙂

  12. Mayo Oshin

    God’s word according to the bible is so true in all aspect of our lives.
    I was using a different devotional and recently added ODB. It has given me an expanded insight about what God is saying.
    I’m praying that God should make and keep me faithful to the very end. Amen!

  13. Robert Michael Butts

    Yes , I want to enrich my knowledge of Jesus Christ. I.believe these teachings from Dennis is going to be a great help in my walk with the Lord. Keep up the good work Dennis.

  14. Robert Michael Butts

    So please keep me in your prayers to make us all better Christians

    1. John Butt

      Hi Robert , I have prayed for you !

  15. Gail Hazell

    I have been using ODB devotional material for a number of years now. I am so amazed and grateful at how these notes are the very thing I need for each day. My life would be otherwise difficult, even impossible, as I look after my 43 year old daughter at home who is extremely disabled and her needs are constant and very demanding. But with the help of these notes and daily bible reading I truly know what Jesus means when he says “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yolk upon you and learn from me……….”. Thank you to all who work so hard to deliver these notes of encouragement and to all who give to support the work. It truly is ‘Daily Bread’.

  16. Raymond Noble

    What would JESUS say to a lost world today? HE would tell them HE died for them on the cross, that HE wants them to be born again by believing HE is the Savior of any and all who put their trust in HIM because HE loves them and wants them to be with HIM forever.

  17. Alistair Welch

    Good service ,may God Richly Bless your work