If you are struggling with feelings of doubt and disappointment with God, Psalm 77 has something to say to you. The psalmist Asaph was moved from near despair to a deep confirmation of faith simply by changing his perspective. God designed prayer as an instrument to create intimacy between Him and us. When we stop focusing on ourselves and our circumstances  and start focusing on God, things change. Why Doesn’t God Answer Me? takes you step-by-step through Asaph’s psalm to remember the mighty acts of God and to confirm that He is great and worthy of our trust.

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  • 6/06/21

    What a blessing! Meditate first on the majesty of God before prayers. I agree that it does put issues in perspective by the time one begins to pray. It hasn't always been my first recourse, but I come away with amazing strength anytime I do this. May the Lord grant me (and us all) the presence of mind to always reflect on His infinite power, before praying.🙏 Even Jesus felt abandoned at some point, on the cross, and cried out. But God was silent, as all professional teachers are, when their students write exams. As parents also, there are times that silence (with ongoing prayers) is required as our children navigate their paths and develop resilience... Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

  • 6/02/21

    There's a lot I don't quite understand about this article. As a father myself, I tend to look at God as a loving father. What loving father is going to ignore his child when pouring out their heart to them? And because they didn't approach in the proper order of discussion?? Me first, then we'll talk about you and your needs? Also, what loving father purposely leads or leaves their children to the wolves? Once when my son was about 5 we were visiting a friends horse farm that had an electrically charged fence to keep the horses in the pasture. My son (because I wasn't paying attention) grabbed ahold of the fence and was electrocuted! The woman who owned the the farm just said, "well he won't do that again will he"? So what, let's just line all little children up and lead them to the fence to teach a lesson?!? That's crazy! A loving father would not do that.