The major prophets are famous for their depictions of the coming Messiah and for their promises of hope for a people suffering in bondage. But they offer so much more to the reader who’s willing to plumb the depths of their hard and hope–filled words. In this booklet, Tremper Longman walks through the setting, structure, and strategy of each of the three major prophets and unpacks their unique contribution to the message of promise that finds its fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

“When we listen to the message of the prophets, we should respond by worshiping the true God with all that we have.” —Tremper Longman III.

We hear many sermons that quote the writings of the Major Prophets, but what did the prophets intend to say in the first place to their first audiences? Do they really have the same power for us today? In The Major Prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Tremper Longman III invites you to dig deeper into the context, messages, and themes of three men God chose to be His voice in times of great crisis. Discover how these prophets’ words have not only been fulfilled once but continue to shape our understanding and point toward the greatest prophet–Jesus–even today.

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