I remember a conversation I had with some friends of mine at the outset of WWII. One of them asked, “Do you think it’s possible that Jesus might come tonight and deliver us from the mess we are in?” “No,” I replied, “The signs of the end have not yet been fulfilled. Antichrist must rule the world for a short time before Jesus comes back.” We all agreed that Jesus couldn’t return yet. Then one of them said, “This would be a perfect time, then, for Him to return because Jesus said that He would return ‘at an hour you do not expect’” (Mt. 24:44).

This got me thinking. Matthew 24:15-31 depicts a frightening time of tribulation plus awesome wonders in nature as preludes to Christ’s return. Yet Jesus said He would come when people would not be expecting Him. Paul’s letters to the Thessalonians helped me solve this problem and clarified many other second-coming issues as well. I pray that this booklet will bring to you a clearer understanding of the events of the endtimes that these wonderful letters provide.

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  • 4/02/22