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Better Than Gold

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Live Free

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A Message for All Time

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The Sacrifice of the Incarnation

The Greatest Story Ever Told

What Can We Learn from Angels?

Our Eternal Home

Questions Skeptics Ask About Messianic Prophecy

The Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact From Fiction

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper

Studies in Contrast

Resolving Alleged Contradictions in the Bible

The Passion of Christ

Reflecting on History's Darkest Hour

The Jewish Tradition Of Two Messiahs

The Holidays Of God: The Spring Feasts

The Genesis Account Of Creation

Defusing The Controversy

The Holidays Of God: The Fall Feasts

How Can We Trust A Bible That Tolerated Slavery?

How Can I Know God Through His Book?

Christian Beliefs

I Am the Way

The Amazing Claims of Jesus

One of Us

Why Did Jesus Come to Earth?

The God of Eternity

Scandalous Savior

How Jesus Revealed the Heart of God

What About Those Who Have Never Heard?


Accepting God’s Gift to You

The Surprising Side Of God

Rising Above Our Expectations

The Mockery and Majesty of the Cross

The Real Gift of Christmas

Filled with the Spirit

Life to Come

The Hope of the Christian Faith

A Rumor of Hope

The Good News of Easter

God Is Love

Reflection on the Character of God

What If It’s True?

What Jesus Means for You

The Forgiveness of God

Following Jesus

Relationship or Religion

Is Jesus God?

The Answer Matters


Learning to Love Like Jesus

God’s Choice or Ours?

Predestination and Election

Just Before Heaven

The Judgment Seat Of Christ

Our Eternal Home

Did Christ Really Rise From The Dead?

The Light of The World

Experiencing the Splendor of Christmas

Do Christians Believe In Three Gods?


What Can We Agree On?

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

The Truth of the Bible

God’s Choice or Ours

Predestination and Election

Questions Skeptics Ask About The God Of The Old Testament

The Trinity

Why We Believe

Evidences For Christian Faith

What We Believe

Foundations of Christian Doctrine

How Can I Know God Through His Book?

The Amazing Names of the Messiah

Christian Living

The Gospel Here and Now

What Difference Does the Gospel Make

The Cost of Witness

The Haunting of Scripture

What’s On Your Mind?


Are You the One?

Open Hearts, Open Homes

The Call for Christian Hospitality

Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships

Keeping the Faith

The Cost of Following Christ

Missing the Mission?

Disciples in an Age of Abundance

Moving Mountains

The Practice of Persistent Prayer

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Rest & Renewal from Psalm 23

Transformed in His Image


Choosing Faith Instead of Fear

Overcoming Worry

Turning Fear into Faith

God at the Center

Habits for Spiritual Growth

God with Us

The Promise of Christmas

Being Jesus Online

Biblical Wisdom for a Wired World

Fully Human, Fully Free

How Jesus Restores the Joy of Being Human


Learning to Love Like Jesus

Windows on the World

A Comparison of Major Worldviews

Praying With Confidence

Overcoming Disappointment in Prayer