We are surrounded by claims of religious authority—sacred books, spiritual leaders, and ceremonial activities abound. Yet in the midst of that, the Bible claims to be separate and distinctive from any other religious authorities. We owe it to ourselves to carefully examine those claims, and to respond accordingly. Here we are offered ten elements of the case for the Bible, and why it can be trusted.

YOU’RE NOT ALONE if you have questions about the reliability of the Bible. The Scriptures, like the world around us, are marked by elements of mystery. Yet if the Bible is what it claims to be, you don’t have to try to sort out the evidence on your own. Jesus promised divine help to those who want to know the truth about Him and His teaching. He said, “If anyone chooses to do God’s will, he will find out whether My teaching comes from God or whether I speak on My own” (John 7:17 NIV).



Contents include:

  1. Its Honesty
  2. Its Preservation
  3. Its Claims For Itself
  4. Its Miracles
  5. Its Unity
  6. Its Historical And Geographical Accuracy
  7. Its Endorsement By Christ
  8. Its Prophetic Accuracy
  9. Its Survival
  10. Its Power To Change Lives


The Bible was not meant to bring us to itself. Every principle of Scripture shows us our need of the forgiveness that Christ secured on our behalf. It shows us why we need to let the Spirit of God live through us. It is for such a relationship that the Bible was given.