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Navigating The Storms Of Life

Discover how God can be your constant point of reference as you journey through life.

What If It's True?

It’s the great debate: Is there a God or not? Let’s take it one step further and ask, “Is Jesus really God?” There’s a lot riding on the answer. It only makes sense to keep an open mind while figuring out the dilemma. Looking at the facts in Scripture as well as stories from contemporary lives, What If It’s True?…

Live Free

There’s often confusion on what the fruit of the Spirit is and is not. Live Free examines these questions and encourages us to cultivate good fruit.

A Message for All Time

Many people read the Bible, but at the same time many people struggle with understanding and applying its ideas and messages to everyday life. In the excerpt from his book Applying the Bible, Jack Kuhatschek offers a guide to reading Scripture and grasping its truths. Taking a closer look at some of the most common difficulties, he provides tools to…

Let's Pray

As much as we want to talk to God, sometimes it’s difficult to find words that express the emotions of our hearts. In this excerpt from his book Praying the Prayers of the Bible, author James Banks shares prayers from biblical characters to show us how we can use God’s own Word to talk to Him through every season of…

Beyond Reasonable Doubt

Many people find it difficult to wrap their minds around the compatibility of science and the miracles recorded in the Bible. However, science and the Bible are not in conflict. They can both be trusted to tell us truths about different things. In this booklet, author Dennis Moles presents increasing evidence to support the reliability of the Bible and its…

What Does The Bible Say About Patience?

Discover how you can faithfully move forward in difficult times with a good attitude.

The Da Vinci Code: Separating Fact From Fiction

Find out how you can sort fact from fiction with biblical truths.

Knowing God Through The Whole Bible

The Bible reveals itself to be the Word of God.

Knowing God Through Exodus

God delivers His people from bondage.

Knowing God Through Genesis

Creation, fall, and the beginning of redemption.

What Is The Promise Of Marriage?

Find out what the Bible says about marriage and your faith in God.

How Can I Know God Through His Book?

Enhance your knowledge of God's nature and character through a study of His book—the Bible.

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