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The Strength of Weakness

So often we spend time trying to either overcome or hide our weaknesses. But what if our weaknesses are the very places God wants to display His power in our lives? “It is only in Scripture that we are encouraged to embrace our weaknesses and through them experience a power that we could never know otherwise,” writes author Dan Schaeffer.…

Knowing God Through The Old Testament

Helping you know this God as He has made Himself known through the Old Testament.

Celebrating The Wonder Of The Wilderness

Discover God's glory in the wild places of the earth.

Are We Alone In The Cosmos?

Find out what the Bible has to say about extraterrestrial life and the challenges of the universe.

When Power Is Misused: Finding The True Strength Of A Man

Discover and deepen your God-given desire to use your strength for good rather than for evil.

Knowing God Through The Whole Bible

The Bible reveals itself to be the Word of God.

Knowing God Through Isaiah

The Lord of heaven is our Friend, Savior, and King.

Knowing God Through Proverbs

Putting God’s will into practice.

Knowing God Through Exodus

God delivers His people from bondage.

Knowing God Through Genesis

Creation, fall, and the beginning of redemption.

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