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A Message for All Time

Many people read the Bible, but at the same time many people struggle with understanding and applying its ideas and messages to everyday life. In the excerpt from his book Applying the Bible, Jack Kuhatschek offers a guide to reading Scripture and grasping its truths. Taking a closer look at some of the most common difficulties, he provides tools to…

Studies In Contrast: Resolving Alleged Contradictions In The Bible

Expand your knowledge of the overall unity, consistency, and reliability of the Bible.

Knowing God Through The Old Testament

Helping you know this God as He has made Himself known through the Old Testament.

The Amazing Names of the Messiah

Gain a deeper understanding of who God is and why He deserves your trust.

Elijah: An Ordinary Man In Extraordinary Times

Discover how an extraordinary God can use an ordinary you to accomplish great things for His glory.

Questions Skeptics Ask About The God Of The Old Testament

Find help to answer questions that have troubled many people.

The Holidays Of God: The Fall Feasts

Get an exciting perspective of the work of Christ as the Messiah in this study of the feasts of Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles.

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