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Filled With the Spirit

Find sound, practical answers to the questions you have about the Holy Spirit.

How Can I Break the Silence?

Some Christians struggle with finding the right words to say when facing an opportunity to share the Gospel. Herb Vander Lugt takes a closer look at the early Christian church in the book of Acts and offers a fresh perspective on effective strategies for witnessing. Gain a better understanding of friendship evangelism and discover how you can lead others to…

God's Protection of Women

Examine the history of marital abuse and find out what the Bible says concerning the protection of women.

Right & Wrong: A Case For Moral Absolutes

Get the biblical perspective of right and wrong to help you survive in a society of changing values.

Why Christians Doubt?

Discover how you can regain your trust in God.

Finishing Well: Gracefully Living With Life’s Changes

Discover how you can leave a legacy that glorifies God.

Divorce & Remarriage: What Does The Bible Teach?

Take a closer look at what the Bible actually teaches about divorce and remarriage.

God’s Choice Or Ours? Predestination & Election

Gain a better understanding of God's sovereignty and human freedom.

What Can We Learn From The Angels?

Find out how angels can help you gain a better understanding of yourself, God, and your spiritual enemy.

How Can We Trust A Bible That Tolerated Slavery?

Find evidence of God's character toward mankind, the freedom He gives through His Son Jesus Christ, and the authority of His Word.

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