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Following Jesus: Relationship or Religion?

Is there a difference between “doing for Jesus” and “following Jesus”? Understand the difference between religion and relationship.

What If It's True?

It’s the great debate: Is there a God or not? Let’s take it one step further and ask, “Is Jesus really God?” There’s a lot riding on the answer. It only makes sense to keep an open mind while figuring out the dilemma. Looking at the facts in Scripture as well as stories from contemporary lives, What If It’s True?…

When God Says No

Broken dreams can bring disappointment and suffering, yet God can use these times in the wilderness to humble our hearts and delight us with new beginnings.

The Trinity

Find out why God wants to bless you and how you can receive His promises.

Knowing God Through Romans

Looking Romans in a way that brings us to a deeper knowledge of the God of the good news.

The Risk of Forgiveness

Discover how you can develop a heart of true forgiveness.

Baptism: What Can We Agree On?

Gain clarity on the importance of baptism today and what can be agreed upon by all who practice it.

They Called Me Christ Killer

Gain clarity on what may be misunderstood between the Jewish and the Christian communities regarding the crucifixion of Christ.

Knowing God Through Galatians

See how Paul's letter to the Galatians can help you understand the wonderful truth of God's grace and the danger of following anyone who teaches another gospel. (Available to view online only.)

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Discover a renewed appreciation for the timeless story of the Bible.

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