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When You Don't Know What To Say

Find out how to effectively minister to someone who is hurting.

Anchors In The Storm

Find a message of hope and faith to encourage you, as you face difficult times in life.

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Finding your way through life can be easier when you have the right One leading the way. In this excerpt of Every Day is a New Shade of Blue: Comfort for Dark Days from Psalm 23, author David Roper takes a closer look at the relationship between the Shepherd and the sheep expressed throughout Scripture. Gain insight from the lives…

It's Not Fair

Find answers to restore your confidence in God, with this study of Psalm 73.

When The Going Gets Tough

Find encouragement and strength to stay on course through your journey, even when life hurts.

How To Have A Revival

Find out how you can experience a personal refreshing of God's blessing, peace, and power.

Elijah: An Ordinary Man In Extraordinary Times

Discover how an extraordinary God can use an ordinary you to accomplish great things for His glory.

When Words Hurt

Examine the potential danger of words and the way to overcome the pain they can cause.

When Help Is Needed: A Biblical View Of Counseling

Understand when, how, and where to turn for biblical counseling.

Free In The Spirit

Experience the freedom to fully enjoy all that you have in Christ.

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