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All Creation Sings

During his many years of missionary work in India, Dr. Paul Brand developed a great appreciation for the natural world and its magnificent Creator. In this booklet, he shows how the soil under our feet can teach us many things about the soil of our hearts. Challenging us to see who we are as children of God through the beauty…

The Genesis Account Of Creation: Defusing The Controversy

Discover how you can respect the differences of other Christians, and yet affirm together that the Genesis account of creation is true.

Celebrating The Wonder Of The Wilderness

Discover God's glory in the wild places of the earth.

Celebrating The Wonder Of Soil

Take a deeper look into the nature and significance of the soil.

Celebrating The Wonder Of Creation

Gain a better understanding of the importance of faithful stewardship over your body and the world around you.

Celebrating The Wonder Of A Tree

From Genesis to Revelation, you'll find stories of trees that define the spiritual nature of our existence and ultimate survival.

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