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Missing the Mission? Disciples in an Age of Abundance

This booklet awakens us to our own desires for comfort and assures us that Jesus is the only source of true contentment for everyone.

Understanding the Bible: The Pentateuch

Understanding the Bible: The Pentateuch examines the first five books of the Old Testament to help you renew your passion for God and His Word and to grow deeper into the depths of His love.

Finding Peace in a Troubled World

Find peace that calms hearts, nurtures souls, and strengthens relationships, when you put your trust in Jesus.

Mystery of the Manger

Explore how the books of Matthew and Luke deepen and illuminate the mystery of God in the manger.

Compassion: Learning to Love Like Jesus

Be reminded of Christ’s example of “all-inclusive compassion” and discover how you can become a channel through which God’s love flows without limits.

What We Believe

Build a strong foundation of truth with ten basic principles of the Christian faith.

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