Why Israel Can’t Be Ignored

Since the days of Abraham, no other nation has been as blessed or as troubled as the people of Israel. In this booklet, Mart De Haan shares biblical insights on the land and people of Israel and how the past, present, and future of a nation chosen by God will impact the entire world. Gain a better understanding of God’s protection for His chosen people and their mission to reveal to the world the God of all creation.


Mart DeHaan, grandson of Our Daily Bread Ministries founder, Dr. M. R. DeHaan, and son of former president, Richard W. DeHaan, has served with the ministry for more than 30 years. Mart is heard regularly on the Discover the Word radio program and is seen on Day of Discovery television.

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  1. Paula Barr

    I LOVE your booklets but wonder if they come in LARGE PRINT as I have trouble seeing. I have just ordered some so if they come in large print I would like them. Thank you

  2. Yvonne Ottley

    Your booklets are very imformeitive, at the church I attend we have Bible study on Wednesday mornings and I wold like to get some booklets on knowing God through Acts, through John, Ephesians, James etc.

  3. Yvonne Ottley

    I believe every one should know about Israel and God’s chosen people and the land, and how we are to treat them,because the way you treat them God will deal with you. Read the word of God the Bible and you will see what will happen to those who dishonor God and Israel. God’s Word is true and be aware He is coming very soon , sooner than we think, so I pray that people will seek the lord before it is to late. The signs of the time is here. Pray, Pray , Pray.

  4. Tom - disciple of Jesus

    I have read many books on Israel from a Christian perspective and this is one of the most balanced books I have seen. An excellent introduction, thoroughly Biblical and showing concern for Jews and Middle Eastern Christians alike.