Why Doesn’t God Answer Me?

If you are struggling with feelings of doubt and disappointment with God, Psalm 77 has something to say to you. The psalmist Asaph was moved from near despair to a deep confirmation of faith simply by changing his perspective. God designed prayer as an instrument to create intimacy between Him and us. When we stop focusing on ourselves and our circumstances  and start focusing on God, things change. Why Doesn’t God Answer Me? takes you step-by-step through Asaph’s psalm to remember the mighty acts of God and to confirm that He is great and worthy of our trust.

Contents Include:

  1. In Times of Doubt (77:1-12)
  2. Through the Deep Waters (77:13-19)
  3. The Shepherd of His People (77:20)


Dr. Ray Stedman authored many books from Spiritual Warfare to Body Life to his insightful commentary Adventuring Through the Bible. His books span the experiences of Christian life.


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  1. Micheal

    Think for though enlightens scripture’s.

  2. Micheal

    I’ll like to get more on stop doubting and completely trusting and giving myself wholly too GOD.

    1. Miriam garcia

      Me too !!!!!

      1. Steven Fewster

        Hebrews 12:1-11
        Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.

        Hebrews 12:1-2

        In 1952 Florence Chadwick attempted to swim 26 miles from the coast of California to Catalina Island. After 15 hours, a heavy fog began to block her view, she became disoriented, and she gave up. To her chagrin, Chadwick learned that she had quit just 1 mile short of her destination.

        Two months later Chadwick tried a second time to swim to Catalina Island from the coast. Again a thick fog settled in, but this time she reached her destination, becoming the first woman to swim the Catalina Channel. Chadwick said she kept an image of the shoreline in her mind even when she couldn’t see it.

        When the problems of life cloud our vision, we have an opportunity to learn to see our goal with the eyes of faith. The New Testament letter to the Hebrews urges us to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith” (12:1-2). When we feel like quitting, this is our signal to remember not only what Jesus suffered for us but what He now helps us to endure—until the day we see Him face to face.

        Note: Read Job, he lost everything ( Family & all ) he never felt God was with him but God was, Job never or refused to let go off his faith, this is what God does to test our Faith, but he says he will never leave us or forsake us. Your break through is only a Mile away, stay in his word and thank him for what he is doing in your life, for he says I have no plans to harm you but only plans to prosper you, as God did for Job because he choose not to let go of his Faith no matter what.

  3. Jhoan B. Todiano

    I really need these guiding materials. They help me a lot thru my life’s journey.

    1. Mattie Vazquez

      Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped into a corner with my problems. With no exit. I’m looking for a job so that I won’t lose my house. But it seems to me that the companies I’ve applied for aren’t hiring seniors. I keep praying and hoping that someone will call me with a job. But my father (RIP) always told me that it’s not on my time but The Lord JESUS Christ. I don’t want to lose faith in my Lord. And I know that he has the perfect job suitable for me I just have to have patience.
      Please pray for me. Thank you

      1. Diana Gosselin

        Mattie, I’m wondering how your job seeking situation turned out for you. I find myself in the same boat in that I lost my job for the first time in my life and at 61 years of age finding a new job is proving to be near impossible. I move in and out from “being confident that God will open a door for me” to feelings of real fear of “what if it doesn’t happen in time before all the money runs out?” I need prayer support too, oh, and work :). Thank you.

        1. J

          I will keep you lifted in prayer plz keep ur Faith & Trust in God in Jesus name Amen

          1. Micheal

            Just wait on the Lord and He will give you the desire of your heart .

          2. J

            Thank you Mr Michael ur nspiring words are so well received

          3. L

            Many times I have learned that God wait and gives us what we need, not what we want. Be careful what you wish for!L

        2. Laurel Martens

          Thank you for sharing. A lot of us are facing the same issues. Just remember who our God is and how great He is. He is sufficient for every need.

        3. Caren De Freitad

          I list my job after 23 years with the private school I taught at, 37 years as a teacher. Started very young, teaching is all I know. Been home for a year now, can’t get anything to do, at 53yrs, it’s not easy to find a job. God has been shifting somethings around me and frankly I don’t want to go back in the classroom. Please pray God direct me to my other season.

          1. Jason

            Hold on don’t let go God is so near to you this may be the start of a new employment chapter in your life. Will keep you lifted in prayer

        4. Sandy Joran

          Diana and Mattie, I am in the same situation. I have been out of work for 8 months and eventhough that may not be a long time for some people, it is a long time for me. I keep praying that God will direct my path and help me to find the right job that he wants for me. I go through times of feeling positive and then feeling scared and discouraged. I am almost 60 years old and it’s extremely hard for our age group to find jobs especially at the money that we need in order to live. I will be praying for you both. Please keep me in your prayers as well.
          Thank you.

        5. Rebecca prah

          I’m thankful for this note and the scriptures my life is base on God word now and I believe He will never leave me.

      2. Ardith

        Praying for you now!

      3. Brenda Converse

        Mattie, never give up on God because He will never give up on you. Pray for and claim whatever you need from God. He didn’t put you in your home to put you in the streets. Thank Him everyday for giving you your home and the job you need.. God bless you, it is done in the name of Jesus.

      4. Jason

        Cont to stay focused let God cont to work through you. Look at how your prayers are answered and the prayers from others help Us throughout our lives

      5. Kimberley

        I’m in the same situation Mattie, except I’ve already lost my home, and my car. I’ve literally become homeless. My money has run out. I’ve been able to move in with several family members, which I’m very grateful for, but it’s really hard being somewhere knowing you’re not wanted. The same family members, when I was doing good, I was there for them. It hurts so much because I know this is not who I am nor who GOD created me to be. I’ve been out of work for almost 2 years and no one is giving me a chance either. I feel so fearful, anxious, anguished. This is not whininsm nor whonGOD created me to be. I’m trying to hold on, but I don’t know how much more I can take. I know the miracles working power of GOD is real; I’ve been standing on HIS WORD. and trustin HIS PROMISES, but it seems as though my prayers have fallen on deaf ears. GOD’S WORD says that “as a man sows, so shall he reap!” I can’t help but wonder if I’m sowing or reaping. I’m not a perfect person, but I hope I haven’t been so awful in life that this is what GOD feels I deserve. I’ve lost confidence, respect, self esteem, and I’m afraid I’m losing my faith. I experienced the tragedy of losing my mom and two sisters to sudden death in a two and a half year period. The day my mom passed away, my life changed in the blink of an eye; my life circumstances started a descent that I know that, by my own strength, I can’t recover from. I want to keep living, but I don’t want to live like this. I want to be FREE!!! Free of condemnation, free of lack and limitation, free of indebtedness, free of insecurity. I need PEACE!!!

        1. Dorothy Wagstaff

          You are loved, precious in HIS eyes; you are a daughter of the most HIGH GOD, do not forget that, sister! Sounds like you are going through a lot right now. I remember a time in my life when family members were dying, I remember it being in 3’s.. someone would pass, then I would think “who is going to be next?”, then parents died and I felt like an adult orphan (I was 37). Some very lonely times. Even when my joy was ‘gone’ or I felt like you describe above, I was told my someone to keep my face in HIS WORD. I read through the book of Psalms over and over….God restored my joy despite my circumstances, you see, because our joy is in the Lord and not our circumstances. We must remember that. I encourage you to read Psalm 78, 91 and 119, then all of them beginning to end. Then seek out practical ways to stay productive and busy; maybe this is a good time to volunteer with an organization of your passion, or what about your church? There are usually jobs available at stores of faith like Chic-Fil-A, Hobby Lobby, etc. that hire older people. Something is better than nothing. You have value, as we all do and can make a difference for Christ even by working retail or volunteering. and keep smiling!! God bless you as you heal in HIM.

        2. Olga Anderson


          Praying for you this very moment and will continue to do so. Keep trusting the Lord and holding onto his promises , He said He Will never leave or forsake us. In your situation it’s hard to believe this promise, but God’s timing is not out timing. So sorry to hear of the loss of your loved ones, especially your Mom. Don’t give up , look up (to God). The eternal God is your rescue and underneath are His everlasting arms. (Read Deuteronomy 33:27).

          1. Jason

            Also praying for you asking God to bring you through this storm but to keep you from giving up on him also. Stay strong and Faithful, sunshine is fast approaching

        3. Steven Fewster

          Hold onto your Faith as Job did, he lost everything even his health (boils) Job refused not to let go of his faith even when his wife even said to him curse God and die (how much of a set back that would of been) but he still held onto his Faith, and then in Gods timing God restored and blessed him and so he will do for you.

          1. Jason

            Amen true words to live by. Let your Faith prevail, stay faithful through these trails & tribulations God will not give you more than you can handle. Cast all your doubt & werryness in his hands. Will continue to pray for you.

      6. Dorothy Wilson

        First seek the Kingdom of God and he will give you the desires of your heart!! Keep Trusting in him and believing in him in Jesus name Amen! Amen! Amen!

      7. Rudy

        Keep trying. But also keep working on maintaining/improving your your skills in the field(s) of your interest. And don’t give up. I wish you the best and may God’s Blessings be with you.

      8. Lynn Faber

        Mattie, I will pray hard for you and for a job. I’m 66 and my husband left after 34 years of marriage. I was so afraid and wondering how I could make it alone. Every night before I prayed I quoted the verse “Be anxious for nothing, but in EVERYTHING by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be known unto God. And the peace which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus our Lord.” That verse gave me real peace.
        I’m working as a caregiver for two elderly ladies and the pay is good. Perhaps you could look into doing something like that at least for the time being.
        God bless you and keep you. Lynn

      9. Lydia

        I pray that from today favor will always go ahead of you and Grace which is Jesus will walk with you all the days of your life.Amen.

    2. Victoria Y. Carr

      I feel you, also. I thought my dear Mom, was invincible, but now I realize that we are all going to pass away, sometime. I just have to stay steadfast and believe in God, because I know He’s going to come back sometim, in a twinkle of an eye and He’s going to take all of His deserving people, up to a beautiful heaven, to live forever, Praise God

  4. lilia c. galdones

    the topics are so inspiring and encouraging i love it

  5. lilia c. galdones

    topics are so interesting and encouraging

  6. John

    Telling God about our challenges ease our worries.

    1. Kaydence

      So excited I found this article as it made things much quecrik!

  7. Unhappy

    For a while now I’ve been very angry with God. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. I didn’t understand why I love him soo much but still go through pain. I’ve stopped praying and reading my bible but I want to get back to my father.

    1. Deborah Rodriguez

      I understand what ur saying cause i am going through a perod of time where i feel like i desperately need out but God is not allowing it and i am angry and unhappy.

      1. Joseph

        I know how you feel. I’ve gotten old waiting for years of prayers to be answered, and now I’m too old for some of the things I’ve prayed for. Maybe I haven’t done everything right, but I’ve tried. I keep the faith, even though it often seems a dead end, only because I have nowhere else to go.

    2. Joy

      Father Lord,I want to thank you for this Avenue to be able to share our challenges with other fellow brethren, , during these times when there are few people to listen. I thank you Lord because I know you hear and know every of our fears, doubt, problem and challenges, I pray Lord that you will meet every one of us looking up to you the grace to wait and answer us all in Jesus Christ Name, Amen.

      1. anonymous

        I am going through the same ordeal, but just today, God reminded me that the only thing I have to do is to trust Him and wait patiently on Him… God is good, all the time. As the psalmist said in Psalm 145:9 The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.

        1. Diana Gosselin

          Our Daily Bread is good direction during my morning time with God. In addition to His Word, may I recommend a book that if you have not yet read, you will want to. “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis. It has clarified and put in to words faith that I could not myself express. it is excellent reading and you will, I am certain, gain much from reading this book. God Bless us all in our faithful walk in this world until He returns. May we all be ready in His sight. Lovingly, Diana.

  8. Jesse Anyomi

    Sometimes its difficult to do wholly trust as humans but once its done God will steer the wheel all the way.I will get this book and Thank you for the eye opening.

  9. johnlennon

    God,s grace and mercy is always great

  10. emma ferguson

    How do you know that you are fully trusting God, and not doubting Him.

  11. Dona L. Barski


  12. Mattie Vazquez

    Wow. On today’s ODB. For Thursday May 7th The Squeeky Wheel as I read it OMG it was if they were describing me. That’s how I was feeling about answered Prayers. I’ve praying for to get a job. And I was beginning to sound repetititious. But I’m blessed to have read today’s message. God Bless all

    1. faye

      Hello and good day! Im reading the squeaky wheel this morning and saw ur comment too. I have been moved to pray for u because I have seen myself in u months ago. Im 58 yrs old and would like to tell u to keep trusting in our Lord bec God has the best time for us. I never thought that a 58 yr old lady will have the opportunity to land a good job. I have been given a job 2 months ago, with a Christian family, a bookkeeper at an aesthetic center. Hold on to Him with faith in ur heart, he will never forsake us. My prayers are with u. God bless u!

      1. Hyacinth Philp

        I need prayer or I will very soon loose everything My Apt. as my bills will not be paid Help Please Thanks

        1. Elizabeth

          In Jesus precious Name I pray that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. God who takes care of all the birds and flower will take care of you because you ate more important to Him. In Jesus Holy Name you will triumph over your situation. May the peace and joy of the Lord be with you. Amen

          1. anonymous

            Amen and amen.

        2. Marivel ortiz

          God knows the desires of your heart and your thoughts. His thoughts are higher than your thoughts and his ways are higher than your ways. His word says in Hebrews4:12 That the word of God is and Quick andPowerful, sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joint and marrow, and is a discener of the thoughts and intents of the heart.He knows everything you need even before you think of it or speak of it, but we should still pray, so it will come into flourishent! The word of God is alive! He shall deliver you and bring you the right resources to come through for you so that he may be glorified. So keep praising, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, because he is quick and powerful! I pray in Jesus name that he will meet your needs suddenly, when you least expect it!.I pray that he will prosper you now and give you his shalom, his peace right now in Jesus name, I thank you Lord for my sister. Amen! Be expectant 🙂

      2. Elizabeth

        Thank you Faye for sharing. I been seeking for a job for almost 2 years now. I tried very hard to not let discouragement overtake my faith and believe in God. At times I don’t know what to pray for, as I been repeating my prayer, and get weary of the situation and asking. Thank you for your testimony it give me hope and strength to continue my journey with God. Praise the Lord our God.

    2. Evetta C.

      I know the feeling, I’ve been praying so hard. I’ve got a lot going on. My car. neeed some work & bills need paying. So I’ve been crying out to him everyday. I pray he hear my cry & show up soon. I’ll b praying for u & please pray for me. God bless…

      1. Evetta C.

        God did it for me, but little did I know behind the blessing was more trouble. I thank God for blessing things to work out with my car situation, but I haven’t been able to enjoy my blessing for other problems. It has been a rollercoaster ride. Threw it all, I got to trust God. I’ve learned to look back on what God has already brought me threw. In closing, I say look up, and never give up on God…. God Bless…

        1. Diana Gosselin

          You’re right about standing firm even as the trials continue. I experienced testing as well, but I know there will be an end to it at some point and I pray that we will be made stronger in our faith through it all. The other thing that keeps me going is knowing that God never does anything in a small way. He answers our prayer in a BIG WAY, and provides much more than we ever asked for or dreamed of. It will be worth it in the end. I have received some responses from potential employers and have an interview scheduled. I have to trust God to lead me as I am not sure what my purpose is at the present time. I will pray for you Evette. Thank you for your response.

  13. Joan Steele

    Thanks for the encouraging words

  14. Joan Steele


  15. Linda

    Thank you for all you do. I sometimes feel like God has abandoned me. I feel like Job. I feel like Jesus did on the cross when He asked His Father why He had forsaken Him. There was that moment when even He doubted His purpose. I take solace in those things. I just keep holding on as best I can. Nothing else I can do but trust in Jesus and His timing.

  16. Hyacinth Philp

    It is the first time reading this series but I enjoyed it thoroughly and Psalm 77 helped me so much I have been praying about something that means so much to me now I ma seeing my problem in a different way I even asked where are you God you feel so far a way Help me

  17. Bertha

    I didn’t know about this sight until this morning when I read my daily bread. Thanks to all you wonderful people that wrote about your situation now I know that I am not alone. I will pray for all of you and I hope that you will pray for me also

    1. Joy

      I see that Bertha and I are both new to this site – I feel so blessed to have found it – let’s continue to held each other up in prayer. Joyce

    2. Shell

      Bertha, like you, I didn’t know about this site until reading Our Daily Bread. Isn’t it fantastic how God works?
      Like many of you struggling here to keep the faith & repeating prayers that seem to be ignored, I have been dealing identical concerns & worry. God does come through, as I have witnessed it in others. We have to be persistent and consistent, which is difficult at times. Many times God just wants to see if we have enough faith & trust in Him before He answers our prayers. We all must remember that our time & God’s time are not the same.
      I am grateful for the ones whom have shared with us on this site. It helps to know others care & often face similar circumstances.
      I will pray for everyone & their personal situations & I earnestly ask that you pray for me.

  18. Benign d. Ramirez

    The kindom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that birds of air come and lodge in the branches thereof. This parable helps me and my bird through tough times.

  19. Rachael

    I didn’t see it in the daily bread yesterday, but when I got done reading today’s lesson, I was looking for some mode encouragemt and as I was skimming yesterday’s passage I saw a question that I myself ask many times over and over again. Glad I took the time to see what this website was about. Thanks!

    1. Rhonda

      Amen Im asking for prayer for my family and I that god will heal us in the name of Jesus I thank him in advance

  20. Sharhonda Smith

    I just recently started reading the daily bread, and it’s so amazing to me. I woke up this morning and I currently was going through a situation and an email had poped in and it was a message or should I say, what I needed to read at that time and moment, so God truly is a good God and his ways are higher than ours will ever be so just pray for me to have a closer walk with the Father who is my true help indeed.

    1. J

      May the Lord our God rain down a Blessing upon you beyond your thoughts and may he continue to take care of you and show you the way during your growth. Stay faithful and continue to lean & TRUST in him. In Jesus Name Amen

  21. Marivel ortiz

    Wow! What a blessing to hear you are not alone! Many of us are going through something different. Mine is physical, and financial. But I’m not throwing in the towel .God promises to uphold us. So in the name of Jesus, I declare victory over all who are seeking employment.Lord I was in that place twice, and you saw me through it. I was unemployed for 2yrs, but God answered my prayers and I know he will answer yours! He promises to uphold us with his righteous hand! So thank him ahead because he has you in the palm of his hand. You are the apple of his eye. Who knows you better than he does? He created you in his image! Trust in him and don’t lean on your own understanding.We are quick to give up, but I’m telling you Don’t ! He has sooo much more for you, just believe 🙂

    1. Jason

      Well said

  22. Kayode

    Our LORD is good all the time. In our troubles and in our bliss, in our lack and in our abundance. I pray for all here who are trusting Him for a breakthrough: may His peace which surpasses all understanding fill our hearts today and everyday. Don’t stop trusting God, He is our Father, and all that we need.

  23. Stvn knt

    Lifes been tough here too, 45 now, been in wheelchair since 1997, at 18 had Astrocytoma brain tumor, & surgery to remove, recovery was great,back to same job, Appliance repair, delivering new appliances & service calls too. when 27yrs old, felt tingling in left arm, & A Top notch Dr diagnosis me with the tumor returning in cervical neck,, took biopsy &woke up on fire after the surgery, the pathology report revealed no tumor tissue at all, biopsy Dr took was cervical nerves c-5,6,7, long long story short, developed drop ft, walk wit cane, astrophy lil more, used loft strand canes, till started falling on daily basis, became every few steps, spaticity was terrible, fell so much , broke both shoulder rotor cuffs, tried so hard to stay mobile, cause raising family too, was forced to use power wheelchair,,, long long story short 2005 now,,, wife leaves me, now moved in with my mom,, she also has health prob,, has had mini strokes & left her with leg trouble,,,,today I’m still there, she is 72, I’m 45 & we help ea other,,,, but what I really could use is a wheelchair van,,,, disabled 20yrs & I never had 1…… Please pray for us,,,,, ty much ,,, oh & the Dr that took biopsy, never seen me again, told me to followup with my primary Dr. Also that hosp was in Pitt, they stopped taking my insurance ,,, I later find out that the Dr has been working on inventing new type of surgery for last 10 yrs,,,, did my surgery in Dec & came out with minimum invasion surgery in Feb & sold it to Dr’s around the world,,,,,,, today I’m Quadriplegic, with pain pump for the pain & meds for spasticity, I’m father of 7 & pappy of 9…… Life goes on , , gotta keep ur faith. God will get ya through…… TY all for listening bless you. ; .

  24. Trumaine McFarlane

    I’ve recently started reading Our Daily Bread. As I opened this word/bread. I was being fed. As like many of you, I to am unemployed over five years. Although I’ve struggled with receiving help from others. God used these people to show me His Amazing Love!. Learning to trust him totally has shaped my life in a new way.. The old has past away, now behold the new. Day by day I know I’m in his hand. The struggle is real but his word is true. The world does not love us cause we love him! No weapons formed against you shall prosper, you are more than conquers through Christ Jesus who is your strength. So much i would like to say! I’ll end with this if God be for you who can be against you! Praise Him in Advance he will see you through.. I’m a living witness/ testimony of it. I will pray for us all and this site stay encouraged!

  25. Colin Lin

    My first understanding of deeper into our ANSWERING PRAYER. Such a marvelous push for me to read the PDF version..Thank You Lord AMEN!!

  26. Elizabeth Keeler

    My daughter is going through very difficult times and troubles. We’ve been in this turmoil for about 5 yrs. We need encouragement. I believe this will help us both. Thank you and God Bless!!

  27. Shell

    God bless you all

  28. Patti

    Thank you for sharing. I have many of the same issues. God has shown himself very very faithful to me but the battle is in doubting and holding fast to what he gives us and not giving in to her emotions that lie. I will pray for all of you and ask for prayer also for strength, to keep my eyes on him and him alone, for job, restoration of relationships and to give my life fully back to him who is worthy of everything.

  29. Nikki

    Thank you guys. I have so much to contribute by sharing my roller coaster story of life but for now I just want to say that u guys have shed a light for me today. I find it helpful to jot couple mind-grabbers down from here and refer back to them when I get discouraged. Of course everyone has ups and downs. Words of encourage help but only go so far…ya know. But nothing beats encouragement like versus such as no weapons formed against u will prosper! If God is for us then tell me…WHO can be against us!!! The Devils greatest tool is deception and he goes after the family and preys on the youngest most vulnerable members. Parents’ actions away from the home have a direct impact on their children. Nothing is done in secret! Just keep clinging! Persevere. Stay alert in your mind and put on your horse blinders so u can remember to direct every thought to him! And remember…we all want a microwave God…but it’s always better in a crock pot and that is exactly what he is…a crock pot God. His timing seems slow but it’s all part of his plan.

    1. Jason

      Wonderfully stated

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