When Words Hurt

The destructive power of words can be a crushing force in a marriage—or in any relationship. In this booklet, counselor Jeff Olson helps you get a better understanding of the way words can be used as an instrument of building up or a weapon of tearing down. Find out how you can overcome the pain of verbal abuse and diffuse conflict in your relationship as you explore the power of words between husbands and wives.

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  1. Annmarie Schelnick

    Words hurt

  2. Sally Repass

    I would like to order 6 of “When Words Hurt”, 1 of “Abigail and Leah” and 1 of “All Creation Sings”. I don’t know how to order from you. Could you let me know how to do this?
    Thank you, Sally Repass

    1. discoveryseries

      Hi, Sally–You can order by clicking the “Order This Booklet” button on the left side of each booklet page. Hope that helps!