When Violence Comes Home: Help For Victims Of Spouse Abuse

Spousal abuse is one of the most rapidly growing problems in our culture today—even within the church. Gain insight into the causes and effects of marital abuse and find out how you can respond with godly intervention, as co-authors Tim Jackson and Jeff Olson offer help for both victims and offenders.

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  1. Bob Thiessen

    You may have noticed that I placed a rather large order of your Discovery Booklets including this and other titles. I have been giving your booklets to inmates at the Mason County Jail in Shelton, WA or several years. They are very much appreciated by the inmates. I typically encourage them to look through all the titles and choose up to three booklets that interest them. I often find that their choice of booklets lead us to conversations about the problems/sin in their lives which of course gives me an opportunity to tell them about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. These same inmates share the booklets with other (non-believing) inmates in their cell. Thank You So Much for this resource. It is a blessing to many. I am currently on your monthly donation program. God Bless, Bob Thiessen

  2. Jane

    This booklet opened my eyes years ago to the abuse I was living in but did not see. It took 3 reads through. The 1 and 2nd read I thought how useful this book would be for others on the 3rd read – it was like scales fell off my eyes and I recognized me in the pages. Thank you for this booklet it gave me hope and a sense that I was not crazy.