When A Man’s Eye Wanders: Breaking The Power Of Pornography

Many men around the world are giving in to the pull of pornography—even Christian men, young and old, from all walks of life. Find help in the pages of this booklet as counselor Jeff Olson sheds light on the dangers of false intimacy and offers hope for escape from its devastating grip. Discover how you can break through and move toward freedom when you recognize God’s unique purpose for your life.

  1. pastor Mike O' Brien

    could you send me 10 or so booklets of ” when a mans eye wanders, breaking the power of pornography
    my address is > 124 Fried st. Dashwood Ont. Can. NOM 1NO PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF THIS IS POSSIBLE ? Thank you Pastor Mike

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hello Pastor Mike,

      You may contact our office in Canada and they would be happy to order those for you. Their phone number is:


      Thank you,

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