The Risk of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood subjects in the Bible. In this excerpt of his book Forgiveness, author Gary Inrig shares insights from Scripture to help those who are wrestling with the inability or unwillingness to forgive or to admit the need to be forgiven. Discover how you can develop a heart of true forgiveness when you rely on God’s power rather than your emotions in dealing with situations of offense.

Contents Include:

  1. Wrestling with Forgiveness
  2. What is Forgiveness?
  3. Forgiveness Begins with Honesty
  4. Forgiveness Requires the Offender to Own Sin Repentantly
  5. Forgiveness is Given Graciously and Generously


Gary Inrig is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Dallas Theological Seminary. Dr. Inrig is pastor of Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Redlands, California.

  1. Carla Pilgreen

    I am the chaplain at LTCW in Tallulah, La. This book would be so beneficial in this facility. We have 500 female inmates and i am always counseling ladies on this very issue. If you could send me as many as possible for distribution it would be so very helpful. Thank you so much, Chaplain Carla Pilgreen

    1. Our Daily Bread


      You may call our Ministry Services department and they would be happy to place that order for you. Their phone number is:


      Thank you,
      Discovery Series

  2. Gwen Mason

    Thank you for sending this. I Am a Interecessory Prayer Leader for Hurting Women this will be great for a study group.

  3. wayne

    I enjoy the Daily Bread and discovery series interests me too. Thank you for all the Biblical information for life and our Lord.

  4. Bec

    I would love to read this… What’s hard is dealing with the situation when the offending party does not ask your forgiveness. Instead they move on as if the offense never occured and years later still treat you as if you should do the same (I’m not talking about a petty offense). In this situation you need to lean on God for strength and wisdom, and pray for peace

  5. Geetha

    I come from Hindu background. After marriage attended Church. I was like Jesus but never had the experience of Holy Spirit. When I first heard about Salvation, I googled to find the meaning. But after no hope I Surrendered to God, and that when God reminded me how I was holding unforgiveness against one person in my life. It was a very hard for me do myself because I was not able to forget and so the bitterness grew everyday. Since I know I won’t be able achieve myself I pleaded to God to help. God erased all the bitterness and gave a new heart. This is my salvation story


  6. jimmy mcvay

    thanks i have 5 children and 10 grand children and would love to give each one. one of these. thanks

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