The Failure Of Success

Following through on what God has assigned you to do can be a challenge, especially when it seems easier to just run away. In this booklet, author Bill Crowder shares insights from the life of the prophet Jonah that reveal God’s forgiveness and mercy. Discover how you can succeed in gratefully and obediently taking the mercy God has granted you and sharing it with others who are in need of His love.

Bill Crowder joined the Our Daily Bread Ministries staff after more than 20 years in the pastorate. Bill works closely with Mart DeHaan as vice president of teaching content. Bill is heard regularly on the Discover the Word radio program and spends much of his time in a Bible-teaching ministry for Christian leaders around the world.

  1. Mrs. Barbara LaFortune

    Please note: I will not be able to send you a donation until next month. My husband is having cancer surgery in the morning. However, I do need the booklets that I ordered for the folks at the nursing homes. Thanks for your wonderful ministry. It is a rich blessing to many folks here. Even the unsaved folks eagerly await my coming with your booklets. As soon as they see me enter the dining room, they stretch out their hands, so they will be sure to get a booklet! Please note: the booklets are bearing much fruit!! Praise God!!!!!


    Mrs. Barbara LaFortune

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hello Mrs. LaFortune,
      Thank you so much for your support, we certainly understand your situation and are more than happy to send you the booklets. Your recent Discovery Series order has been processed and will ship shortly. You should expect them to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks. That is wonderful to hear how the booklets are reaching so many people! Please know that we are praying for healing and comfort for your husband.

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