Poor Choices and Missed Opportunities

How can a life full of potential be ultimately unraveled to a tragic end? In this booklet, author Bill Crowder examines the life of King Saul and the series of bad choices he made in life to help you recognize the importance of making wise decisions. Find out how to develop your potential for good when you make choices that will honor God and fulfill His purpose in your life.

Bill Crowder joined the Our Daily Bread Ministries staff after more than 20 years in the pastorate. Bill works closely with Mart DeHaan as vice president of teaching content. Bill is heard regularly on the Discover the Word radio program and spends much of his time in a Bible-teaching ministry for Christian leaders around the world.

  1. Julia Webb

    I donate every month on line ,I like to have this for my grandson, and other people .

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hello Julia,
      Thank you for your support! Our Ministry Services department would be happy to help you order multiple copies of this booklet. You may contact them at 616-974-2210 between 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST.

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