Overcoming Worry

Worry can either bring us to the Father in heaven, or it can drive us away from Him.  The challenge is how we choose to deal with it.  Overcoming Worry shares Joanie Yoder’s intense struggle with fear and worry, and how she realized that total dependence on God – not self-sufficiency – brought her out of darkness.  Author David Egner also offers a biblical and practical perspective on how we can put our worries to work for us, rather than allow them to consume us.  He spells out how we can actively trust God with the unknown and experience the beauty of His peace.

Contents Include:

  1. What Worry Can Do to You
  2. How Should We Deal with Worry
  3. How Can We Put Our Worries to Work for Us
  4. What Worry Can Do for You


  1. Betty Bright

    Praise God for this booklet. It arrived at a needed time and strengthen me in an area that I found myself becoming overwhelmed. I’ve been as part of this powerful ministry for over 30 years and the materials provided is studied and information is used and shared by your guidelines. Thanks for being a tremendous blessing down thru the years. I Would love to have 15 copies of this product for personal bible study group and to share with others struggling with situations that are heavy on their minds. Will try to order them from this page. (after submitting this email) Thanks for who you are and all you do.

  2. Betty Bright

    Just ordered 15 copies of this book for personal bible study group. Will make a donation shortly.

    1. hazel

      God bless you

  3. lenore Donnenwirth

    This is a beautiful testimony for me

  4. anna ward

    I pray this booklet will be the answer for me

  5. denise carrion

    I love reading the daily bread book

  6. Damian Swint

    I try to read the Daily Bread each day and when I do my day goes so much better. I ask God for help cause I need him. Please pray for me for things to get better for my family and I.

  7. Eunice

    I know the Father and his promises,sometimes I get so tired up with others that I lose my self .I know better,I’m a beliver

  8. Jeanne Parrish

    Love being only “a keyboard away “from your site.

  9. Teresa & Tony

    Thank you for your ministry. We have been receiving your booklets for years, and they always seem to be right on time! We were happy to make a donation and hope to do more in the years to come.

  10. Whitney

    I use this booklet in my Bible studies to young women. It’s perfect, and hit up a lot of good point. Worry is a large problem with the girls I work with, and this booklet is a great tool.

  11. springclean

    Hello. Thank you so much for making this wonderful content available for free for people like me who cannot afford it. May God bless you more. Thank you also to the kindhearted people who support by donating. I pledge to share this to my friends so more people can learn about the promises of God.


    Nobody but God can answer a prayer that has not been submitted to Him. I have been asked to speak to a group of women this month, and the subject God has given me is, “Why the Christian Should Never Worry.” After receiving my Daily Bread correspondence for the month of October, I was browsing through it and found this article on why we should not worry, and some of the ways to put our worry to work. I am excited concerning the prospect of sharing what I feel to be a revelation from God!

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