Our Eternal Home

What does the Bible say about heaven, who will be there, and what you will do for all of eternity? In this study, author Richard W. De Haan examines Scripture to give you a glimpse of heaven. You’ll gain insight into what it looks like, what will occur there, and why it will be an ongoing experience of joy for all who have placed their trust in the One who promised to prepare a place for them.

  1. Nancy Doherty

    Is there a printed version of this? I cannot read these online since I don’t have my own computer–I would love a study copy. thank you

  2. Nancy Doherty

    If you can possibly find a printed copy of this, I would so appreciate it–my dad is nearing the end of his earthly life and is very much afraid of dying. This booklet might reassure him–nothing I say seems to get through to hi. Thank you so much–you have no idea how much of a ministry your booklets have been in our small church!

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