Moses: His Anger And What It Cost Him

Sometimes your emotions and responses to life’s challenges can result in moments of anger and frustration. How you handle those feelings can have a great impact on the outcome of your circumstance. In this booklet, author Bill Crowder takes a look at the life of Moses and his struggle to manage his emotions. You’ll discover elements of character to help you shape your response in a way that is pleasing to God.

  1. denise wyche

    i’m so excited to start reading and learning more about God, and what to do in situations. Thank you so very much.

  2. denise wyche

    Thank you so very much, im excited about this site and cant wait to start reading and learning more about God.

  3. Renee

    Thank you so much for providing resources to learn about God. I am enjoying learning and growing my faith. This website is awesome!

  4. John Martin

    Thank You.These resources are indeed, great blessing and surely helps to overcome our weakness and shortcomings.

  5. Ernesto

    Want to say thank you for the books that I am about to receive in the mail I also like the book let’s talk

  6. Nancy Doherty

    we would absolutely love to see this in print. Thank you so much for all the booklets you have sent to u. Our small little baptist church is very appreciative. You cannot know how much our teenagers have spread these around and one was saved because of the King Saul book. Any booklets that become available in print, please let us know. we do not have a computer at our church. Thank you

  7. Nancy Doherty

    It would be wonderful for my youth class if we could obtain print versions of Moses, as we are very soon starting the Bible from the Beginning class.

  8. Nancy Doherty

    This would be such an awesome print version if I could get 4 of them? My youth group is studying Moses and what God directed him to do and his challenges in obeying. Thank you. Nancy Doherty

  9. Ed Doherty

    Could we get a few printed copies of this book for our men’s small group?

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Ed, this booklet is available in a PDF format. You may print a copy of the PDF from the website to share with your group.

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