Mary & Joseph: Reflecting On The Wonder Of Christmas

Take a new look at the birth that changed forever the world and its inhabitants. In this excerpt of  Windows On Christmas, author Bill Crowder examines the events surrounding the birth of Christ from the eyes of Mary and Joseph. Renew your appreciation for the miracle of Christmas as you reflect on the celebration that will last throughout the ages.

  1. Patricia B. Mellick

    On January 2nd, I ordered the booklet “Mary and Joseph” but I have not received it. I was trying to replace it for a friend who had lent this to me and I have misplaced it. Could you check on this order. I sent a money gift to help cover the cost and just received a thank you note today for that but not the booklet. Thank you.

  2. Giovanni E. Fancubit

    Thank you, God bless!

  3. Osias Jalapit

    Very inspiring

  4. Victoria Y. Carr

    I’m so glad that I got my “Our Daily Bread”, from church on Sunday morning and I can’t wait go through the booklet, one day at a time. It’s so exciting to read “Our Daily Bread, each morning, first thing, when you wake up, get washed up for breakfast, come out to the breakfast nook, then, first thing is you get out of the booklet and you go through it and stop on Monday **. December 7th. It’s about the “Faithful Servant”. Anyway, tomorrow, I will read “The Perfect Gift”! I can’t wait until tomorrow, if the Lord doesn’t come tomorrow. God bless you all and see you tomorrow !!

  5. Victoria Y. Carr

    Since I had this massive Stroke, I’ve been seeking the Lord as we converse. Now I’m excited to get up and read “Or Daily Bread. I was saved at the early age of 12, filled with the “Holy Ghost” and now I’m claiming Him (Jesus) today ! God bless you.

  6. Victoria Y. Carr

    Jesus was born in December ! Praise the Lord!!!

  7. Kathy Hladky

    Thanks for sharing this booklet with us. It made the Christmas story new and exciting and more intimate and personal and alive, viewing the events from the perspective of Mary and Joseph. Almost felt like I was there, experiencing it with them! Such a blessing. Thanks for this gem.

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