Living an Authentic Christian Life

What does it mean to live a real Christian life? In an excerpt from his book Authentic Christianity, author Ray Stedman shares insights from 2 Corinthians to help you find the answer. Gain a better understanding of the unmistakable qualities of Christianity from Paul’s experiences as a follower of Jesus. Discover how you can live in total dependence on God and truly display His glory to others.

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  1. Lianna Nix

    Saw a post with a link…it was very encouraging! Thank you.

  2. Lianna Nix

    Thank you!

  3. Kathleen

    I would like to read the materials

  4. Abayomi Olasimbo

    I saw this while browsing the Discovery Series booklets today. I read the first page and thought I need to read the whole of this. Thank you for continuing to educate us as well as improve our knowledge of God with publications such as this.

  5. Nancy Doherty

    it would be great if this booklet WAS in print to share with our teenager ministry.

    1. Walter thomas

      Great book