Live Free

There’s often confusion on what the fruit of the Spirit is and is not. It’s not a list of instructions of how we should live; rather the fruit are qualities we exhibit when we are empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are set free to live a new life in Christ, no longer indulging in selfish desires but enabled to serve one another in love. Live Free encourages us to cultivate our hearts for the Spirit to produce fruit.

Contents Include:

  1. The Fruit of the Spirit
  2. The Fruit of the Spirit in the Orchard of the Bible
  3. Keeping in Step with the Spirit


Dr. Constantine Campbell is an ordained deacon in the Anglican Church of Australia, a New Testament scholar, professor, author, musician, and preacher. He is Associate Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, and lives in Illinois with his wife, Bronwyn, and their three children.



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  1. Mackenzie mwansa

    Am Christian,and i trust this wil help me to grow spiritually

  2. Merna Adamson

    I really like the discovery series.

  3. Michael

    I’m looking foward to this guide. God is pleased when our small group is taught with informative insight. Can’t wait.

  4. james(mike)conner

    I really enjoyed reading your booklet The daily bread .Keep up the good work.

  5. Marcia

    “Live Free..A Fresh Look at the Fruit of the Spirit” was excellent. Thank you!!

  6. Rose Windsor

    just finished reading LIVE FREE…….very enlightening!

  7. Imelda Boyles

    Im glad i found your page…
    More power & God bless

  8. Mr Ugochukwu Samuel Akubuike

    It is always my pleasure, reading any of the Discovery Series Books. Each topic is soul lifting,comforting and encouraging. May the good Lord bless you. It is my earnest desire to donate to this ministry like my Dad does. I pray God will answer my prayers and give me a job,so that I’ll have resources to serve him through this ministry. More grace in Christ.

  9. victor m. mendez, jr

    I have been with our daily bread since 1996, it has been a true blessing! May the Lord continue to bless the staff.

  10. IVicki Carr

    I’ll keep on praying for patience, that definitely need, so I can have “Fruit Of The Spirit !!

  11. fechit Faith

    I pray that by this I will increase in my spiritual growth. Thanks and God bless you.

  12. mar99

    This is part of the help to the promise everything amen

  13. Sarah L. Mack

    The “Fruit of the Spirit” is an excellent booklet for Christians and Non-Believers to read, study and practice the attributes listed. On June 9th, 2016 My sister retired from Pastoral position after 25 year. .there were over 300 Bishops Pastor member and other people in attendance. The “Fruit of the Spirit” and “God’s Armor” were included in my speech.
    Book Markers that highlighted the attributes of “The Fruit of The Spirit” were distributed to the attendees. My pastor, in Cleveland used that information to preach four sermons at my church. On August 27th,2016 I will be giving a seminar for approximately 100 people. In my spiritual belief, these books will enrich and enhance the attendees. Spiritual Growth and Development . If possible. please send me 110 copies as soon as possible. I will send a donation later,

    Thank you and God bless.

  14. Audrey Corbin

    Haven’t read the book yet.
    Drawn to do so.

  15. Sandra Alderete

    I have been reading DB since 1982.
    It’s been my daily devotional and I’m greatly blessed by it…thank you!!
    I also order the free booklets and appreciate that you make them available to those of us on a fixed income….. God bless the staff and supporters.

  16. Jacqueline Falco

    I am Inspired each new morning. God I pray will continue to guide and bless this wonderful ministry. I truly thank you for being with me every morning. Love in Jesus…….





    1. Our Daily Bread

      Hi Pastor Richard,
      Feel free to order this booklet on our website through the “order this booklet” button or call Ministry Services at 616-974-2210. They are available from 8:30am-5:30pm EST and would be happy to help you place an order.
      Have a blessed day!