Jesus’ Blueprint For Prayer

Communicating with God is as important to your spiritual well-being as breathing is to your physical life. Discover how you can develop and maintain a meaningful prayer life with Haddon Robinson’s practical and insightful study of “The Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew 6. Get a better understanding and a new perspective of one of the most beloved passages of the New Testament.

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  1. Vicki Carr

    Praise The Lord;

    I’m soooo glad that my mother said a prayer, each and everyday, when I went to school! When I read ‘Our Daily Bread, I thought about mother, having a time (about five minutes) to pray, before we went to Svhool, because Jackson Elementary School, was a baaad school, indeed. Although I was protected by the Lord, I despised this school, because they had terrible children going to this school! Anyway, thanks for hearing me out! Many blessings to all of you and have blessed fun day!

    1. Lynne Fiumetto

      Dear Sweet Vicki, I am so sorry that you had to experience a BAD SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT. I praise God that you had a pray warrior mother that loved God and took her concerns for you to the Master Protector. That is a real loving mother that has her priorities in the right order. I will now take five minutes of my time to pray for more mother’s that have children in Jackson Elementary School to copy this act of love for their children and other children and spark an attitude of wisdom and love that can change the environment of Jackson Elementary to a good school. This is what I will continue to pray for Vicki, on your behalf and all the students at your school. LOVE GOD FOR HE FIRST LOVED YOU.


      My favorite scriptures are: Mic 7:7-10
      Mal 3:9-11
      Nah 1:
      Psa 45:
      Matt 6:11

  2. abajan

    To quote a sentence from this eye-opening booklet: “Hunger may drive the runaway child home, and he may or may not be fed at once, but he needs his parents more than his dinner.” That’s profound!

  3. MARIE

    I am so fortunate that I grew up in a Christian family where prayer was a daily routine. My mom and dad would pray for everyone in the family including my neighbors.

  4. Chima

    I want to be reading the scripture but I found myself, weaek an weaker every day I need prayers to cope

  5. Danny Nelson

    Love to be in prayer to connect with my Creator..

  6. Deana Patterson

    Can’t wait..power in prayer