How To Have A Revival

Getting a fresh perspective on life can sometimes be exactly what you need to keep moving in the right direction. Discover how you can be filled with a new desire to come closer to God as Richard De Haan presents a “proper and sensible approach to revival.” Find out how you can experience a personal refreshing of God’s blessing, peace, and power when you rededicate yourself to doing His will.

  1. catherine pena

    would like keep studing,now that I have finish studing bible school.

  2. Nancy Doherty

    our little church needs a revival of more good Christian people who want to find and be saved by the Lord. Your booklets are such a help during these troubled time. Thank you!!!

  3. Ed Doherty

    Our Pastor would just love this book–can we get a few printed copies? our church is very small and financially rather poor..thank for any help

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Ed, this booklet is only available in a PDF format. You may print a copy of the PDF from the website.

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