Hope: Choosing Faith Instead of Fear

In a world that is marked by uncertainty and fear, faith can sometimes be overshadowed by doubt. Many are left with a faded perspective on what lies ahead. In the pages of this booklet, author Bill Crowder shines the light to reveal a hope that can only be found in Christ. Discover how you can strengthen your faith and trust God, even in the midst of challenging times.

Bill Crowder joined the Our Daily Bread Ministries staff after more than 20 years in the pastorate. Bill works closely with Mart DeHaan as vice president of teaching content. Bill is heard regularly on the Discover the Word radio program and spends much of his time in a Bible-teaching ministry for Christian leaders around the world.

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  1. Rev. David Bordley

    thank you and GOD Bless

  2. Austria Lopez Holmes


  3. janeasinner

    Thank you so much. I really do appreciate it.

  4. Victor Lawal

    Thank You, Father

  5. First Presbyterian Church of Mountain View California/M. Haines

    We sincerely appreciate the materials. On our church campus we reach people through the booklets on Sunday mornings, weekdays with other programs and all the families from our community that have their children in our preschool. God bless His ministry and the “Discovery Series” and thank you for being His vessels to share Jesus Christ.

    1. Christian Resource/Evangelistic Outreach Ministries

      Wonderful ways and means with an effective tool.

  6. Theo Vivime

    The name of the Lord be praised. Amen

  7. Lucy

    Bill, breaking the word of God into chewable pieces brings healing into my heart and am sure many of us you have been a blessing to my life. Remain blessed forever

  8. Martins Okunfolami

    Your publications have been a blessing to readers. More grace and anointing for greater service

  9. Na Jack

    I listen to the Daily Bread often. It helps to remind me that no matter who or what I am that the Lord still LOVES me. Thank you all for having such a ministry to help others.

  10. Mr Ugochukwu Samuel Akubuike

    Sir Bill,May the good Lord continue to strengthen you and all the workers in the ministry. I pray he’ll help us all to make Heaven at last. More Grace.

  11. Carol Westley

    Thank you I’m very much looking forward to reading this book

  12. jane

    Thank you for our daily bread

  13. Angela Goodman


  14. Tiurma PT Simanjuntak M.Si (DONA)

    Many people sent their thankfulness as the proveness of the miracles from GOD’s words, so do We in Papua Jayapura Indonesia. I give some ODB books to my catholicts friends to broden up their horizon about God, and i HOPE it works.
    I am christian catholict also and waiting for more and more miracles with HOPE from God expecially about DAAD plans in Jena university seminar.

  15. Daniel Narayanan

    We read the Daily Bread everyday during our morning prayer at home. It gives a good illustration of life’s happening and God’s application.

  16. Rei Heni Vaburi

    thank you and God bless you all,

  17. Robert Park

    Feasting on the Truth of ALL reality, every day, in ODB, is the most powerful meal to start “God’s” day in all of our lives!

    Thank You Jesus!

  18. Rosemarie Paulling

    Thank you for your blessings on our daily lives.

  19. Harberta Cudjoe

    May God bless you all for giving us daily devotion. It’s really educating us and strenghtening our faith in the Lord.

  20. Richard

    Thank you ODB for giving food to my spirit over twenty years.

  21. vera redd

    I thank you so very much for the Daily Bread, it helps me in such a positive way, that I want to read and know more…..thank you dearly

  22. Regina S.

    God has given us the gift of you, thank you for your ministry.

  23. Patsy Jones

    I have been reading OBD for many years now. I thank my beloved mom, who is now in Heaven for literally pressing me to began reading the wonderful daily devotion. I had received Jesus Christ as my Savior at age 12; but after reading the Word and falling in love with Jesus all over again, I can truly say at 55 years old, your writing and those of the many devoted staff of ODB, I learn much more about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you and may God continue to bless you as you bless His children.

    1. Comfort

      TheODB has been a great spiritual inspiration for me and my family.Thank God for your willingness to devote your lives for the service for others. We pray for more grace, strength and enablement for you all to continue in this great outreach.
      It blesses both young and old; Christians and those that are yet to give / giving their lives to Jesus Christ.
      Thank you very much. God bless you all.

  24. Dario Recio

    I thank you lord for life you gave to me. For every things in my life .and I still hoping for my the coming future that I will be healed. By you’re power and grace.



  26. Promise ike

    Thank you father

  27. Hildacollins

    At this time I am so grateful for the hope that I received from reading this special series.