God’s Protection of Women

Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse can leave life-long scars for those involved. In this booklet, author Herb Vander Lugt shares insight from Scripture to reveal God’s compassion for and protection of women who are involved in abusive marriage relationships. You’ll discover that Moses, Jesus, and Paul all recognized that some marital conditions are worse than divorce.

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  1. Deborah Taylor for Balmoral Bible Chapel

    Last year in either November of December i had ordered about six copies of “God’s Protection of Women” booklets. To date i have not received them. Can you tell me if the order went through? Thank you.

    1. Our Daily Bread


      You may call our Ministry Services department and they would be happy to place that order for you. Their phone number is:


      Thank you,
      Discovery Series

  2. maplewood49

    I am ordering these booklets for our County jail ministries.