God is Love: Reflections on the Character of God

Love can mean different things to different people depending on their situation. That’s why Oswald Chambers reminds us to turn to Scripture to find the only true, pure form of love there is—God’s love. His love is perfect and powerful, holy and healing. We can’t even begin to comprehend it apart from His Word. God Is Love leads you to a place of understanding how God is love and how He demonstrates His love to us in amazing ways.  

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  1. Nelle

    Son of a gun, this is so heplful!

    1. Lucy Uzoukwu

      God’s love has no boundries ,! It encopases all and everything, it is worth expiriencing!

      1. Jackie

        AMEN. ☺

  2. Debbie

    I love God with everything He Put in me I want so very very much for God to take my Life and do something with it please pray for me

    1. Debbie

      Thank you and also I pray for you in Jesus’ Wonderful Names For His Names Along Are Excellent !!!!!!!!!!

    2. Amy

      The fact that you are asking with all your heart for God’s direction makes the Father pleased and eager to respond with blessings. Keep your eyes and ears tuned into the Lord. Let your heart be receptive. Sometimes God answers our prayers in ways we were not expecting. I always say, “sometimes in the middle of a storm, you will find your blessing. ” God bless you my sister in Christ. I will be praying for you and with you.

      1. Debbie Lee

        Thank you so very much and I’ll keep you in prayer and everything that concerns you please pray that my husband continue to love me and worried and Truth and continue to pray that God will take my life and do something fantastic with it for his glory and for his name’s sake thank you amen

      2. Debbie Lee

        Sorry it took so long same to you

  3. Gaspar

    God is Good, I’m so grateful for everything he has taken from me , that I thought an felt was pleasure, an what I would use to escape from my problems. The saddest part is that I can never repay pay him.

    1. Trina Clapsaddle

      the good news is that He doesn’t expect you to. “For we have all sinned, and fall short of the glory of God, and all are freely justified by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus. Romans 3:23-24

    2. Erin Daley

      You don’t have to repay Him- you have already given Him what He wants and that is your love and acknowledgement of His love for you.
      He paid the ultimate price so that you would not have to.

    3. L. Rice

      Gaspar, you can start to repay Jesus back, although He doesn’t require it . All you have to do is to serve others, even just lots of little servings. Visit a Nursing home, write an encouraging note to someone, pray for others, tell someone you Love them. Jesus would love it if you spent more time with Him! God gave of Himself, and that is all he asks of us, to give to others. I will be praying for you.


    God is the supreme and gracious.His love towards my family is nunimaginable.

  5. Bennie F Baker

    Thank You Father for loving us.Help us to be good servants.

  6. Karen Hobson's

    Lord today you revealed another side of your Love for your people, devotion and creation. I thought I understood Grace, but everyday it is becoming clear and clear! as you prove
    to me day after day as I dig for answers and the mystery’s about our Creator. I understand there is NO! Search you out, but the Bible is lack a gold mine full of secrets and your life and mines. All the answer to our life and how valueable we are to him. I always spoke these words to my two sisters: the new testament is a repeat of history of the old testament but with Awesome Amazing Grace!!!! LORD revealed the Impossibles to me. When man said No! GOD said YES! Is there anything to hard for God? Jesus4ever.


    1. Mary

      Wonderful testimony. I am trying to find my way back to trusting him.

      1. Debbie Lee

        My brother it is so important to walk by faith and not by sight the good Lord says and His holy and divine word in this world we will have tribulation but he also said be of good cheer for you have overcome the world just picture yourself man and his arms and he’s always taking care of you because he will one day at a time he said what he do for one he’ll do for another most of all we have to walk the straight and narrow talk the straight and narrow love one another as he has loved us that includes people that are hard to love explain to them what the Holy Spirit puts inside of you explain your testimonies to others if someone is going through something tell them what God has done for you whether it was 20 years ago or today and truly guy we’ll go to work on your behalf because you are blessed when you give your testimony in Jesus name amen

  7. John jones

    One thought about today’s prayer. I believe it should read Jesus you are the only thing that matters. You were the one that rescued me. God is his father God gave his only son Jesus to save us. Just a play on words but I think it’s important

  8. victor samuel

    I m blessed by ur ministry…

  9. Mary A. Smith

    OH God in Jesus name I have Prayed for forgiveness for all my sin & everyone I may have mistreated or hurt in any way, living or dead, so I can receive the “BLESSING” of God love others & be abe to help other people to know God better, & see JESUS IN ME as I live out my life here on this EARTH. I need some one to pray for me & with me, in Jesus, Name, AMEN.

    1. Jacqueline Paul

      Dear Mary.I say AMEN!to your prayer and heart’s desire

    2. David Buhler

      David I am so glad to know that you have prayed for Gods forgiveness. He has heard!

  10. Brenda

    I been going though so much in my life over a year I keep praying that the pain will go away I am holding on to my Faith.

    1. Jacqueline Paul

      Dear Brenda.So sorry to hear about your painful situation and praying that you are delivered from the pain IN JESUS CHRIST WONDERFUL AND POWERFUL NAME,like I’ve been…MANY TIMES…PRAISE AND THANKS BE TO GOD

    2. sjcmpoteacher@gmail.com

      Dear Brenda,

      Keep holding on don’t give up. Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. His strenght is made perfect in our weaknesess.

  11. Moses Solomon

    Oh Lord increase my love for my people, the Nupe Unreached People of Niger State Nigeria where I now labour with You. Brethren please take off sometimes to pray for me, because I felt like given up.

    1. Ruth

      The Lord strengthen you and keep you. It may seem as if there are no fruits to show for your labour, but the Lord will cause every seed you sow to germinate, grow and bear fruits in its due time. Just be faithful in your labour. You are in our prayers

  12. Cynthia M.

    I love God with all my heart, my soul, and my being. God loved us so much that he gave His only Son to die for our sins. I praise God for all His goodness, His mercy and especially for His love.

  13. Joeann Williams

    Father God thank you for guiding me to this page. There’s a reason you guided me here. Thank you Father for my new family. I needed to be here. Thank you Jesus for Discovery Series. God bless each of you. Even tho i don’t know any of you personally but i love each of you. God bless each of you.

  14. Rev. Richard N. Ansah

    Perfect Love goes with perfect deeds and God is the author and perfecter of christian love,
    It is Him we His followers are imitatinig.
    Let us consider his ways and follow the set pattern.
    God bless you for good work done always for his ministry.
    It is my prayer that the grace of God will always locate you wherever go, and this ministry will forever grow from grace to grace.
    God bless you.

  15. Dodji kelvin

    Oh my God save my soul. God is indeed Love. The purety of His love towards me and my family is so amazing . Sleeping and waking up every is free by His love . Going out and coming back is indeed free by His love. Daily bread on my table is always free by His powerful and truthful strong love. And above all He redeemed my soul by giving out His only son to use His blood to pay for the most expensive thing that no amount of money of all currencies put together in trillion cannot buy. He pays everyday for sin He knows not. What manner of Man is Jesus?

  16. Lynnette E. Scales

    Dear Sir, I requested your booklet, The CROSS. I will mail a donation after receiving the booklet. Don”t have an internet payment plan. Thanks so much for this Discovery Series Organization. GOD BLESS and BE WITH YOU ALWAYS, Sincerely, Lynnette E. Scales March 26, 2017

    1. Our Daily Bread

      Thank you so much for your support! We hope this booklet is encouraging to you and others!

  17. vincent

    oh lord I want be yours forever and ever bless me in the name of Jesus Christ