God Has a Plan

Life can seem terribly unfair, even downright cruel. You may be in a rough place due to your own actions or because of circumstances beyond your control.  Either way, God still holds your life in His hands and has a plan for you. Michael Swiger found this to be true during his decade and a half of incarceration and beyond. His compelling story demonstrates how God led every step of the way on Michael’s journey, and how He can lead you too.  

  1. Jennifer Sapp

    I’m interested in reading this

  2. Geneva B Washington

    Jesus is Lord , praising and blessing His Holy name always. I come to some bumps in my life, and always in prayer for understanding and strength. I love the Lord and the title of this book. Thinking it would help me understand myself and life more better. Give God the Glory. Amen

  3. Geneva B Washington

    Praising His holy name always. To God be the Heavenly Glory.

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